Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pulling the hair out of my head!

It's hard to explain to everyone about my sugar levels and my need for insulin. It's so technical and even those that understand it aren't sure why what's happening to me happens at times.

I didn't take any insulin last night and woke up with a decent fasting level of 88. I ate breakfast, got my glucose levels to a decent level and then took my dose of insulin. All day I was chasing lows. So it was a day full of eating and testing.

When I go low I get irritated and snap at everyone. Not a pleasant situation. I also start feeling nauseated and don't want to eat so have to make myself eat.

I tested before dinner and was at a 62 (had a bunch of 60s today). I then gave myself the go ahead to eat as much as I wanted of the mashed potatoes and applesauce....and I did! I'd been really missing my mashed potatoes. An hour after dinner I tested and was at 177 which is too high. I decided NOT to do any insulin again tonight and see what happened again. I figured tomorrow might be easier if I started a little high. Within 15 minutes I was down to 108 and as of now I'm back to a 67. Guess it's time to get a nighttime snack!

I'm afraid if I call the dr they'll talk about admitting me for monitoring (both baby and glucose levels). I CAN'T be admitted now...Michelle is graduating tomorrow!! I thought since the baby was really active and there's no other reason to be concerned for her, I was ok with waiting to call. BUT I'm getting to the point where I'm really wondering if it's such a great thing to wait to do...especially with the weekend coming on. I wish tomorrow was Thursday!!! I need another workday (sorry everyone who's looking forward to the weekend). Guess I'll have to think about it tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Other news around here...the pool is taking FOREVER! Not only that but the house ran out of water tonight. It's going to be a tough balancing act to run the well enough for our house and to quickly get the pool done. I realized tonight while talking to Tom that we're hitting the same timeframe as last year. Looking back it seems I was saying the exact same things and was just as impatient for the pool to fill. Bad me, I couldn't help thinking....if we'd done what I wanted when I wanted...this wouldn't be an issue right now. Oh well, it is and that's that.

Not sure what and how much to do tomorrow since I need to be able to survive going to school and sitting through the grad ceremony that night. I do know that I'll have to do at least ONE load of laundry as all my clothes are dirty. That means I may have to run to the laundromat. I'll have to check the well before making that decision.

Time to make sure my sugar is at a decent level, then off to bed. Will try to update tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have graduation pictures to post too! :o)

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Lisa said...

(((Kmom))) I hope tomorrow is better.