Friday, June 03, 2005


I have NO idea what's going on with my glucose levels. This morning my fasting was the worst EVER..well since I've been testing 22wks ago. I got a 127, which I had ONE time in the week before I started on insulin. Last night I tested before I went to bed and had a 130. 1hr after breakfast I was 157. :o( So now the question is...

Is my insulin bad? Not working? I'll change insulin pens tonight. I really wish I had some fast acting insulin available to counter these numbers NOW! It bugs me that I have little I can do until tonight.

Did my body just not take care of the glucose I had last night? Am I starting to hit big time insulin resistance? Do I need to bump up my insulin yet again?

Did I bottom out in the middle of the night and rebound that high this morning? I've never gone that high before even when I knew I'd bottomed out. I guess I'll have to make sure I get up and test. Then again it's kinda hard when I went to bed at almost 2am already. (not out of the normal either)

In the last few weeks I've found myself being surprised at how well things are going. How smoothly everything is. ONE incident and it's all shattered. While I don't wonder WHY I thought I could do pg ok. I do wonder what the future holds. I know I shouldn't be anxious for that and just deal with today, but's there.

Two days ago I was thinking I'd be flying through this pg afterall. Now I'm wondering just how far I'll get. When I see numbers like I've been seeing the last two days, I see the baby being blown up/inflated. Like how they do it in the comics....mouth to thumb and blow! LOL

Last night was the elementary spring chorus concert. I was NOT looking forward to getting ready and going, especially since it was quite warm out. It was going to be sweltering in the auditorium! Tom called and begged out of going so he could run to the farmer's market with his brother and buy some plants. I was nice and let him go. LOL As usually getting there is half the problem. Once we're there it's a pleasant time. I had Eileen in the 1st grade, Jake in the 2nd grade and Carrie in the 3rd/4th grade one in each group. Here's a picture of the 3 songbirds and Olivia.

Image hosted by
Front row (left to right)...Eileen and Olivia,
Back row...Carrie and Jake

After the concert I decided to take everyone to the mall so we could do some of Michelle's preprom running. The engine of the van sounded LOUD and it was bugging me so I pulled over outside of the next village. I was messing wiht the engine cover and Pat pulled up thinking I had broke down. (he was on his way home from the mall) It was a lucky moment because he paid back what he owed me so I had cash in my pocket! (seems like a rare treat nowadays lol)

I got the cover on which quieted down the engine a LOT! Then I decided it was too late to try to get to the mall and get things done, muchless dragging everyone with us. Michelle and I decided to wait until tonight to ram around. I then took the kids to the local diner/ice cream shop for a soft serve cone. My niece (#6 of 10 kids) took our order so I didn't get a huge reaction out of ordering 10 cones. LOL We sucked the machine dry!!! OK, maybe it was the huge crowd of concert goers before us...but... In the middle of our order the soft serve machine ran out of goods. Some of us had to get hard packed ice cream...poor us. LOL

We dropped the kids and cones (for those that didn't go to the concert with us) home then Michelle, Val, Liz and I headed back out to Walmart. I had a few WIC checks to cash before they expired at midnight and Liz needed oil crayons for her art project. How does that place manage to suck the money out of my pockets!?!?! My quick run cost me over $130!

YIKES! I just got the daylights scared out of me! Pat came walking down the hall, I had NO idea he was home. He called in sick to work. It seems he hurt his neck and shoulder at work while trying to work a faulty machine door yesterday. I told him he HAS to tell them about the injury. Being a temp though it might not be such a great thing to do. They treat them like they are a dime a dozen.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We don't have anywhere to go and I want to get a bunch of things done around here! Cleaning bedrooms, fixing window and door screens, painting, gardening. Yeah, yeah....I know....heard it before. I'll be VERY happy if I can report half those things done on Monday.

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