Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It had a few glitches but was a good day!

The glitches happened very early and late into the day. The first being that my washing machine is not draining! I had thrown in a load of laundry before bed the night before. When I went to switch them in the morning...they were still soaking wet and sitting in disgustingly dirty water. Hopefully it's just a clogged pump impeller. It's a front loader and the pump is easy to get to. I'd fix it myself (and have) if I wasn't pg. I can't even get to the outlet behind the machine to unplug it before working on it. Now to get Tom to find the time to help me. Usually I start the job and he HAS to come help in the middle of choice. LOL I may just wait until the weekend and hit the laundromat tonight so everyone has clean stuff for the next few days. Luckily I was faily caught up on it before this happened. (mostly have a huge load of lights...which is most of the little girls stuff) The other glitch will come later.

Even though it was up to and/or around 90 yesterday I was feeling GOOD! Too good. I feel like my belly has gotten less cumbersome and maybe even smaller. If this baby wasn't moving around so much I'd be really worried. Maybe she's just made herself a little nest more inside then other ones. I don't mind being smaller though...just makes it easier to carry.

My ankles actually look like they did before I even started on my water pills. I thought I'd be bloated/swollen and lethargic with all this heat. Quite the opposite has happened though. Yesterday I got a few things off my todo list done!!! WOOHOOO! Olivia and I scrubbed and primed the front looks so much better already. Hopefully when I'm done here I'll go and paint it. I also weeded my front garden. I had been avoiding it because of my sciatica. Amazingly there was no signs of sciatica at all yesterday. Amazing what you can get done when you don't feel like you're legs are going to give out on you at any time. Not to mention being painfree. After painting the porch I'm hoping to finish up planting and moving some things in there.

Pat got sent home from work again today because they have 3 machines down. Bummer on him getting a short paycheck. He doesn't seem to mind though. My BIL came out last night and is staying in MIL's trailer. Hopefully in the next day or so he can fix the Olds's brakes so I'll have my van back. I'm tempted to grab the van and go do some things since it's here. I need to go to the grocery store and buy some things for Jake and Eileen's classes on Friday. They are both celebrating their summer birthdays that day. I also have a long list of home repairs/improvements I want to do so could go grab some things for that.

I got the huge pile of pattern pieces I found organized yesterday too! I'm so happy! Just wish I had the prepared material to use for it. I've been tempted to just sew on unwashed fabric anyways...but I know it can be a waste of time and material if it shrinks too much in the wash. I guess I could make something for Carrie and pass it down to Eileen if it shrinks! ;o) I guess I'll be patient and just concentrate on the other projects I have to do around here for now.

Even after doing everything I did last night I felt great. I was worried because we had Michelle's senior dinner to go to. We'd only bought 3 tickets so Tom, Val and I went. It was a pleasant time with a high carb dinner...which I knew beforehand. Yep, here comes the last glitch. I hadn't eaten my afternoon snack before leaving because I knew it would be high carb (baked ziti, bread, salad and dessert bar). I also didn't give myself any insulin becuause I wasn't sure how long we'd be there before we ate and I already was feeling a bit low from not eating when I should. I was STARVING when we finally ate. Luckily the ziti portions were just about what I was allowed for 2 carb allowances. Technically I shouldn't have had the bread or any desserts but I couldn't help myself! *blush* I thought I was restraining myself at the dessert bar but there were so many delicious looking things!!!

Anyways, by the time we helped clean up, got home and settled things down here it was 3hrs after I ate. I finally tested my sugar and got my insulin out. My sugar was 193!!!! YIKES!! I almost had a heartattack. Got my insulin into me and figured I'd retest in an hour and maybe add some more insulin to my nighttime dose if it was still really bad. Luckily an hour later it was down to 105. PHEW! I'd hate to see what my levels were at 1 and 2hrs after dinner. I think it's the highest I've ever been this pg. It proved to me how much I need the insulin. I was worried about what I'd wake up to find this morning. I'm happy to report that it was a beautiful 82! Haven't seen that number in a while. :o) Post breakfast was good too!

Well guess I better get outside and work before high noon comes around. Intend to be smarter and work during the cooler part of the day today, unlike yesterday. LOL

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