Thursday, June 02, 2005

Back to square one

Well I woke up to a not so great thing this morning. After upping my nighttime dose of insulin, I woke up to a really high (for me) fasting blood sugar of 112. I haven't been that high since the first few weeks of pregnancy when we were trying to initially regulate my insulin doseage.

I have decided to get back on track with the testing and tracking of my diet. This morning even though I'd vowed to test regularly from now on, the one hour post breakfast testing timeframe came and went without me noticing. Looks like my digital timer is going to be my best friend again.

I'm pretty sure it's dawn phenomenon although it could be that my body didn't take care of my bedtime snack. I decided to have a last hurrah before I started back on track today and had a huge piece of pizza with a glass of vegetable juice (V8 type drink). I guess I'm going to have to start testing before I go to bed again and maybe even setting my cellphone's alarm clock to get me up in the middle of the night to test. Normally I wake up at sometime during the night but last night I slept like a log!

I told Michelle that I'd take her to get her shoes for the prom which is Saturday (she just wants some white flipflops lol). It means a trip into the suburbs, hitting the mall and going to Old Navy. We've looked all over the other stores and haven't found white ones. Whodathunk? When I told her that I didn't process that I have to have everyone fed dinner, washed up, dressed neatly and out the door by 6:15 for the elementary spring chorus concert tonight! GRRRR! I hate when I do that! (and I do it often) I hate to put it off until tomorrow night and be stressed about it but it looks like it's what I'll have to do. She's NOT going to be happy!

I don't know how she's holding things together these days. Her boyfriend J didn't buy a prom ticket when they were being sold. He said he would and can buy one off of a certain person but hasn't yet! (we've even offered to pay for it for him) He won't have a tux (it'll be a miracle if he does) for Saturday. I have to wonder if most of this is his parents doing. They are great people and I know they don't have anything against us personally. I babysit their 11yo (who's been Carrie's bestfriend forever) before school most days and have babysat after school in the past. I'm not sure if it's a matter of not wanting to help their kids grow up too quickly (although he is a 19yo senior), for all I know he may be grounded and hasn't told Michelle. I'm hoping it's not the fact that they aren't so hot on them as a mixed race couple. It was kind of inevitable since he is in the very small minority around these parts.

We've invited him over many many times and there always seems to be an excuse for him not to come over (babysitting, chores, etc) He's been here once since they've started dating and it was when he walked here on Senior Skip day and he left before the first bus got home. (they live 1.5 miles from us so not too bad of a walk) They have gone out on a few "dates". Which means the movies or bowling as a group, with Drew or Pat driving.

Tom just called and asked about whether J has his ticket yet or not. We've decided when Michelle comes home I'll talk with her and see if she wants me to talk to his parents about this. We're willing to buy his ticket and he can wear Tom's really nice suit if need be...I think it'd fit him ok. Hopefully I can talk to them after the concert tonight. The only ok thing about this is that Michelle seems ok with going solo if need be. I know I'd feel a bit better about it if I knew she had another solo friend to hang around with. Maybe there is and she just hasn't mentioned her yet.

To think I thought parenting would be EASIER once they got older and more independent. LOL Quick...count them...did I gain any gray hairs since yesterday?

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