Monday, June 27, 2005

Saturday family fun

Earlier in the week my dad had invited us into his house on Saturday. It was the annual firemen's field days at the end of his street. They were having a $10 and ride all the rides from 2-5pm, he wanted to treat all the grandkids to it.

My brother, sister and I decided since Sunday was his birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) that we'd turn the day into birthday party. I made macaroni salad and cooked a pork loin roast in my 18qt roaster which we sliced up and served will rolls for sandwiches. My brother brought sweet and sour kielbasa in the crockpot and a pineapple jello salad. My sister brought tossed salad and chips. Instead of birthday cake I bought the fixings for strawberry shortcake. We also had tons of treats for the kids, including sparklers for the evening.

All the kids had a ball at the field days! It was extremely hot out so we stayed there for about an hour, went back to my parents, rehydrated and cooled down a bit, then they went back down for round 2 of rides (I ran to the store for some things we needed for dinner). Olivia came running home bragging about how she almost threw up on the Octopus!!! ROFL She was fearless. My dad said he was laughing watching her almost throw up on it. It made his day to see them have so much fun. :oD

I started wondering if Valerie was throwing up because of heat exhaustion the night before or not. She was still a bit off in how she felt on and off all day. She even went upstairs and laid down a few times during the day. I HOPE it's not a stomach bug and that we gave it to my dad!!!! He has trouble yawning and coughing without pain due to his bypass. I couldn't imagine how he'd fare with having to throw up.

We didn't have a bonfire at night (so didn't use Patrick's S'more fixings) but sat out listening to the band at the field days as long as the mosquitos allowed us to. I think we got home about 11...might have been midnight. I didn't look at a clock...just went right to bed!

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