Monday, June 20, 2005

Whoa Nelly!!!

It's been positively insane here lately! My dad came home Thursday and we went to visit him on Friday. Before we got out the door we got a call that Tom's mom was admitted to the hospital for chest pain Friday morning. She barely sat down in her dialysis chair before it started bothering her again. Tom went to visit her Friday night while I stayed at my parent's house with the kids. I then went up Sunday afternoon with a few of the girls and saw her. Hopefully she'll be home on Monday after her dialysis is over. They're waiting to see how she does during it to decide if she can go or not.

We never got the pool liner installed. Tom worked into the wee hours of the morning on Saturday to get the water and liner out of the pool. BY HIMSELF!!! I thought we'd install it Saturday afternoon but it never happened. Part of it was my fault (explain in a bit) and part of it was the fact that we are out of duct tape so can't cover potentially pokey parts of the pool wall. Hopefully Tom will get some tape Monday during/after work. My schedule today left me with NO time to stop and buy some.

So why was it my fault that we didn't get further with the liner then we did. Because for some reason I got all weepy, achey, exhausted and felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Tom went to lay down after everyone got up on Saturday morning. I decided to curl up with him. While snuggling I started to think...BAD decision!!! I realized that him and I are in a REALLY great place right now in our relationship! So much so that I was overcome with how much I really love the guy and started bawling. It was kind of like when we were first together and seemed "addicted" to each other. Only now it's more mature. Back then it was tons of kissing and such. Now I just feel like I physically need to be near him whenever I can. Snuggling with him I felt like even if I crawled into his skin it wasn't close enough. It's one of those awesome yet scary feelings. It was really weird telling him I was bawling like a baby because I love him. You'd think that news would make someone HAPPY! I just happen to be happy to the point of hysterics. LOL This all totally wiped me out for the day! All I wanted to do after that was nap! I did manage to do some of the everyday day to day stuff around here though. Just didn't get any major accomplishments done like I'd envisioned. :o(

For some reason I also had an achey area across my belly. I don't think it was a torn muscle but not sure what it was. Luckily it faded away later in the day. My blood pressure was still hovering along borderline high on and off all day. About 9pm I decided I'd had enough of the day. I grabbed the book I'd started in March when Val was in the hospital...The Poisonwood Bible, and jumped into bed. I didn't get very far before my eyes slammed shut for the night.

Having gone to bed so early meant I was destined to get up really early too. It was 3:30 or 4am when I realized I wasn't going to go back to sleep. I got up and had leftover pizza from dinner, checked things online quick and then climbed into bed with my book again. I read until about 5:30 and then fell back to sleep until 8. I read again until 9:45 and then hit the floor running and haven't stopped until now.

I left home at almost 11AM. Went to church and sat through a presentation ontop of our regular meeting. Had an enjoyable lunch at church!
Left church at 3pm....ran kids home and went into the city to pick up Liz at my sister's house.
While in the city I visited MIL at the hospital, then stopped by my parents to give my dad his Father's Day gift. We were blessed to be invited to dinner of KFC with them! :o) I hated to be rude and eat and run but I had to be back home so I could go to another meeting for church at 8pm! I got near where the meeting was at 7:30 and realized that I wasn't going to make it home and back to the meeting place in half an hour (woulda took an hour). So I dragged the 4 girls I had with me to the meeting. Stuffed them into a room with a few games and told them to be QUIET! Poor things sat in that room for almost 3hrs!! For the most part they were really good although I did have to go straighten somethings out once or twice.

Liz was exhausted from staying at my sisters and was in tears by the time we left the meeting, claiming she didn't feel good. She HAS to go to school tomorrow. It's their last full day and she has the last part of her French final to do. I HATE running against a schedule! It just seems to demean? everything...especially visiting those you love. I WANT A STOP THE CLOCK/WORLD BUTTON!!!! Anyone know where I can get one?

I'll end on a note of excitement. Most of the kids only have 1.5 days left of school! Woohooo! Full day Monday and Half a day on Tues. Val needs a ride to or from school on Wed for a test. Michelle is going all day Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Luckily she's big enough to get herself out the door though. :o) Graduation ceremony is Friday night!!!!

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