Saturday, June 11, 2005

HOT and Muggy with a touch of A/C

The todo list has totally been ignored since my huge day Wednesday, I'm blaming the heat. It's been in the mid 90s here with high humidity. My feet seem to tolerate this heat less and less each day. Last night when went to take the kids to swimming and a bonfire at church I noticed my Birks were TIGHT! This lovely weather is suppose to last for at least 3 more days.

LUCKILY our A/C unit in our room is working like a charm! THANK YOU in-laws!!! Yesterday Val came in my room while I was lounging and immediately fell asleep, she slept until about 10pm when Tom kicked her out so he could go to bed. LOL It's funny how you think the room is freezing when you first walk in but quickly feels normal. I've even lowered the temp on the unit when I went to take a nap because it didn't feel cool enough. The more we use this, the more I think we need a bigger unit in the livingroom!!! Call me greedy. At times I feel guilty for having such a comfy room while everyone else is sweltering. I'm trying to share it...honestly! I told the kids they may get to sleep on our floor tonight. Tom's not too excited (and neiter am I) but I think they've dealt with muggy nights enough to deserve a break.

I JUST ordered a pool liner!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I was determined to get the liner patch on this AM. While Tom and I were talking about it I climbed up on the deck and almost started crying. I whined to Tom that the rip had gotten bigger AGAIN! He said he knew but he was going to pull it together when he patched it. I gave him THAT look and think? He tried to show me what he was going to do, then he asked what the new liner prices were again. It was his turn to let out a heavy sigh as he told me to go ahead and order it. YEAAAAAH! Hopefully by the end of next weekend we'll have our pool up and running!

I woke up EARLY this morning and realized Tom wasn't in bed anymore. I finally got up at 8 (about 3hrs later) and decided to see if he was ok. Not only was he ok, he had been super busy all morning long. Which means he's in a really decent mood. :o) He'd be in even a better mood if I'd get everyone moving inside the house. Which I soon as I get done here. I don't really have a set plan on what to do besides basic housekeeping stuff. This means that my mind is wandering and doing a zillion things in my head, making myself exhausted before I even get outta my chair. LOL I'd really like to start painting in here but with the humidity I think it might be better to wait until next week when it's SUPPOSE to cool down into the 80s.

I'm happy to report that our vehicle situation is now complete. Drew and my part of the DMV took TWO days to complete instead of just Thurs but at least it's done. We had a bit of problem with a new insurance broker Drew was going to use. We decided to stick with our old one and luckily they could help us like we wanted. It's so much easier dealing with people who are familiar with you and don't treat you like you're an idiot! I walked out of the "new" insurance place on Thurs. while restraining myself from slapping a witchy worker there across the face. It was amusing to see Drew walk out of the DMV with HIS license plates in his hands. He claimed he was fine with owning the car but it being registered to us. But still, knowing it's ALL your's is something else...even subconsciously. I mentioned something to him about how good it feels and he didn't seem to realize how puffed up he looked when he walked out of the office.

When we got home from the DMV I helped Drew and MM pack up some things to go camping. They're canoeing to a primitive site on a HUGE reservoir in the Adirondacks. It's the same place Tom went alone last fall. It makes me nervous as it can be a pretty choppy lake...especially for canoes. They didn't like that I MADE them tell me when they were coming back. I told them I needed to have a timeframe of when to start sending out a search party. LOL I know they're 21yos now really I do. I assured them I'd be demanding the info from ANY adult that was going up there. It's just a rule of the wild....let someone know approx where you're going and when to expect you back.

My house is being overrun by school papers!!! It's on the disadvantages of being the end of school. EVERYTHING at school has to come home between now and then. Unfortunately it's times 7 here and it shows. It seems like there are papers on every flat surface of the main living area. And of course EVERY paper is something someone wants to save! Which always sets me up to be the mean mean mommy who insists most of it be trashed.

I find it funny that around this time of year I start thinking about making up a schedule for day to day activities here. ME who HATES living by a schedule...instilling one into the house. LOL IF I did, it wouldn't be rigid, just...breakfast, chores, reading time type of thing before going outside or into the pool. I'm not holding my breath though. I always start thinking this way right about now. It never materializes though.

Well enough rambling, time to get to work before it gets too hot in here again. It's pretty toasty already, maybe I need to go lay on my left side while the kids do their chores! ;o) ROFL!!!

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