Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's in!!!

Last evening we installed the pool liner. Now we hurry up and wait for the well to cooperate and fill it! Looks like we'll be getting our exercise these next few days with all the running up and down the cellar stairs to turn on and off the pump. At least we'll have a cool place to wade in when it's sweltering out.

We received a letter from the town's building inspector. We never obtained a building permit for our pool. OOPS! So now we have to pay for a permit, then pay for an electrical inspector to come and make sure the pump is up to code. Of course it's not...we've been running an extension cord from the outside of the house to the pump. Luckily one of Tom's brothers knows the code laws and can do the work for us. We wouldn't be able to afford to hire someone to do it this year if we had to. I think all the fees are bad enough!

Michelle is off to take her Math Regents exam. She's been studying so hard lately. She said last night..."I think I studied too much. I feel like I'm going to walk into the test and everything is going to be stuck in my brain but can't get out". LOL Poor thing! After her test is graduation rehearsal until 3pm, then just the graduation ceremony at 7 tomorrow night. YIPPEE!

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