Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Dad

On Sunday I went into my parents' house for the night. My dad was scheduled for by-pass surgery at 7:30. He had to report to the hospital at 5:30! They took us upstairs at 5:45. They had my mom and I go into the waiting room for a few minutes while they got my dad settled in and prepped. His nurse came and apologized twice because it was taking so long. We never got to go in and wait for his surgery time with him. We only got to say I love you and will be here when you get out in the hallway on the way to the OR. GRRRR! I'm sure my dad was NOT happy to be spending almost 2hrs before his surgery alone and without his wife!!!

By the time he went into surgery my brother, and 2 of my dad's sisters were there also. After walking him to the OR hall we decided to go get some breakfast and coffee in the cafeteria. It was nice talking with my aunts who also have TOK (one has 5 kids and 3 older step kids that didn't live with them...another has 6) They are both on for diabetes and dialysis (hasn't started it quite yet though), another is on the South Beach diet due to increased glucose readings. So we talked quite a bit about food. :o) I got asked the question I knew I'd hear from my relatives....I thought you were done!!! I said yeah, so did we. My mom caused my jaw to drop when she immediately said...Well, God had other plans! My brother had me steaming mad and trying to stop myself from slapping him when he said...Kim...they invented these little things called condoms...maybe you should use them once in a while. He is such an ASS! I'm sorry I don't normally say such words but it's the only way to describe him sometimes! He was in top form this day too! When we were walking back to the Cardiac ICU waiting room to wait for word from the OR, my aunt and I were lagging behind the group. She started laughing at me and all my sighing and eyerolling. She let me know I was doing a good job though. LOL She also said she had teeth marks in her tongue from the condom comment....especially seeing as it came from an unmarried man with 2 "accidents" of his own!!! LOL never thought of THAT!

It was a looong day of sitting and waiting. (and tolerating my brother's loud opinionated, know it all stuff) We did have a good time visiting though while we waited. My mom's best friend and another of my dad's sisters showed up to stay with us. My sister was upset that she couldn't be there but I assured her we understood. She didn't have any vacation time to take off due to her dh needing pain treatments the last few months for his back. She also took time off for his back surgery that was on the 3rd of this month.

At 2:30 we heard that he was getting stitched back up and did great! It was a loooong surgery due to it being his second time around. The dr had intended to do 2 bypasses. He could only do one of them but used an artery instead of a vein so he'd have tons of circulation. The other one was too small and delicate to attempt. He may have to do angioplasty on it later (which I know he'll LOVE to hear!). We all got to go in and see him for a few minutes then we were kicked out. He was totally out of it. We were surprised to hear that they'd be trying to wake him up and take his breathing tube out that night. Last time he spent 3 days in ICU.

When I called my mom on Tues she told me he was up and eating his breakfast. They had a regular room for him and they were moving him that afternoon!!! AMAZING! I didn't go visit him on Tuesday because of Liz's birthday. After my dr appt on Wed I went to my mom's and rode up with her to visit him. Olivia brought her magnadoodle and drew Grandpa pictures....including a huge star for doing a great job on his breathing exercises. LOL

The really amazing thing is...he's HOME!!! He came home about 1pm this afternoon. I can't believe how fast they are moving them out. One of the reasons he got to leave early was that he agreed to a visiting nurse who will be there Friday morning. I think he wanted me there because there'll be a teaching session on food and diet. He said something yesterday about my grandmother and me being there to learn what he can and can't eat. I'm just hoping he listens this time. Granted he made SOME changes to his diet after his last surgery. He's still a loooong way off to eating a proper diabetic diet much less and diabetic AND heart heathly one. I'll have to call early tomorrow morning and talk to him. I called tonight, my uncle and his family were visiting. My dad asked me to call back didn't happen. I got busy with the kids and forgot until it was too late. He did sound great and a LOT happier then he did yesterday! I'm hoping that it being nice out and his gardens are coming along beautifully will help him keep the depression away and make recovery go quickly! Not to mention uneventfully.

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Jody said...

Oh, so glad to hear your dad is doing so well.