Thursday, June 09, 2005

We got a present today!!!

My FIL bought us a small room air conditioner for our bedroom! Woohooo! Looks like the summer just got a bit more bareable. Although I do have to say, I think I've been doing a bang up job of dealing with it so far on my own.

Today hit a high of 94 degrees with tons of humidity and I had another great and productive day. Granted I got into bed in front of a fan about 1:30pm and didn't get up until almost 5! LOL BUT before and after that I made up for it. Olivia and I painting the front porch. MY BIL gave us a partial gallon of slate blue deck paint/stain. I have to admit...I liked it better primer grey! It's a lot more blue then I figured it would be. It's a bit different and will take some getting used to.

After my nap I made dinner and we hung outside in the backyard. I replaced 2 livingroom screens and the back patio door screen! WOOHOOO! Scratch some more off my todo list! I'm liking this!

I don't know what's going on. I don't feel pregnant. It makes me a bit nervous at times but I am feeling the baby move here and there. I'd like the movements to be bigger and appreciate a good kick to the bladder every now and then. But at least I'm getting something to reassure myself! I still feel like I'm carrying smaller then I was last's so weird. I'm going to have to have someone take a new belly shot of me soon.

BIL fixed the brakes of the Olds!!! I now have my van back! YIPPEE!! Pat's pretty happy to have "his" car back. We still have to set up a payment plan for it to be officially his though.

Tomorrow is DMV day. Drew and I are going into one office so he can register the Saturn in his name (he bought it from us a while ago...just never transfered it). Tom is going into a totally different office to register the new van. We've been driving it with the temp plates (expire on the 25th). Poor Pat got pulled over last night because the police officier didn't see the temp plate in the window. Luckily there was no other reason he stopped him and he didn't get a ticket.

I also need to run to the grocery store for the kids' school birthday celebrations. With it still being in the upper 80s and humid I'm thinking...bite size cupcakes, juice boxes and ice cream cups or italian ices. I'm not sure I want to do ALL of that for approx 48 kids. But I'll do either the juice or the ice cream for sure. I also need to pick up some of my meds. Tomorrow night Carrie and her class have to present a project proposal to the school board. So we have to be back at school by 6:45. Did I mention it was going to be a calm week this week? What was I thinking?

Oh well, it could be worse...I could be feeling LOUSY while having to do everything. LOL

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