Saturday, June 04, 2005

Emotional start to the day....

but it seems to be going along well now! As of this morning Michelle still hadn't made plans with J about the prom. She wasn't even sure if he was going. I had her call first thing this AM. His little sister answered and said he couldn't talk right now and he'd have to call her back. I said that's unacceptable and took over (I'm such a busy body! LOL) I called his mom and asked her what was up, whether he was going. Answer...NO! He didn't get his grades up so he can't go. I let her know I understood, I was just asking so Michelle could stop being in limbo here. Michelle immediately went to her room and I started tearing up. I went down to talk to her and saw her crying...that did it for me. The waterworks broke open and we were both hugging and crying.

Pat decided he'd drive Michelle and I told her to call one of her bestfriends M to see if he could drive her home from the After the Prom party (Pat wasn't sure he was going but M was going only to the party). I then joked...why not ask M to go to the prom with you with J's ticket? With that suggestion Val then took over. She called J, asked him if he'd mind if Michelle went with M...using J's ticket. He said he didn't mind (he knows they've been best friends forever and he's a good friend of M's too). So Val then called M and asked if he wanted to go. He said sure! LOL

M is a little outside the norm. When we asked if he had a suit to wear he said's olive green. LOL We asked if he wanted to try on one of Tom's suits and he said he'd see. About 20 minutes later he called and asked Michelle what color her gown was. We figured he was going to buy her a corsage. Well Pat drove Michelle to the mall so she could get her nails done, his treat...what a sweetie! (we had bought fake nails but he thought she'd be better off with them professionally done). Pat called me a bit ago to tell me that as they walked into the mall, M was walking out of the mall with a tux in his hands! YEAH!!!!! M to the rescue! It's so great that she has a friend like that. We always joke with them saying...if you guys are 50yo and neither one has been HAVE to marry each other! LOL

While this was going on I was also getting a few things done around here. The new blinds are up and a huge pile of old toys and bikes were taken to the dump. I'm still working on a few other jobs on my todo list, but it's starting to get pretty hot out there. At least my feet and hands aren't swelling up into overstuffed sausages.

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Chris said...

I am glad everything worked out for Michelle. Sounds like J needs to be kicked to the curb frankly ;-)

I hope she has a wonderful time with, what sounds like, a wonderful friend.