Monday, June 27, 2005

Friday night excitement and scare

It was our 3rd graduation ceremony Friday night at 7pm. I was NOT looking forward to the actual ceremony since it was held in the gym and it was 95 out. (no air conditioning) We arrived at the school at 6:15 because Michelle needed to be there by then. I decided I was going into the gym to stake out the best seats that I could. I found some seats in the last row in front of the huge fans. Being in the last row kept the surrounding bodyheat to a minimum. The huge fans weren't blowing right on us but at least moved the air by us. That is as long as people weren't standing in front of it...being HOGS! LOL Val decided to sit up in the bleachers with some of her friends.

Past experience had us leaving everyone else home for the evening. We knew the ceremony would be packed full and take over 2hrs. Each grad is allowed 4 seats on the floor. All others have to sit in the bleachers. I wasn't about to sit in the uncomfortable bleachers for 2hrs with my little kids! From what I've been told they didn't mind...even if they didn't have any power for the majority of the time we were gone. LOL poor things! I'm just glad the school wasn't involved in the outage also.

All day Friday I kept thinking....3 down, 8 to go. Then I'd laugh because LAST year I was saying...2 down, 8 to go. Will I ever say 7? ;o) After the ceremony we hung around, gave all the kids we knew hugs, congratulated them and took pictures. Click on Michelle's picture below to go to her graduation album.

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The scare came AFTER we got home from graduation. Actually as soon as we pulled into the driveway. As soon as Val got out of the car she started throwing up and couldn't stop. I thought she had heat exhaustion. She was totally out of it and I was really concerned she was so dehydrated that she needed IV fluids. I kept trying to decide whether or not to take her to the ER or not. I HATE that part of parenting...trying to decide if a situation is in need of professional help or not. We both fell asleep in her bunk about 3am and she was doing better in the morning. PHEW!

She unfortunately missed an X-box party at M's house after the ceremony. I'm sure Michelle was really wishing she was there since she ended up being the only girl there! When I woke up to go to the bathroom and check on Val at 5:30 I realized Michelle still wasn't home. I had my cell phone and the house phone on the headboard of my bed incase she needed a ride. We called M's house at 9am (was afraid to call too much earlier) and found out she was still there. Her excuse for not calling was...I didn't want to wake you up. I informed her I'd rather miss out on a few minutes of sleep to be told she wasn't coming home anytime soon. Then to have to sit around the house worrying if she was still where I left her and if she was ok for hours on end! Guess I COULD thank her for being thoughtful to my needs. LOL

I'm posting a pic of Michelle, Tom and I since I did for Pat's graduation. It's not a good pic but it's the best I have of us. Michelle said she could put her gown on and we could retake it at a later date...pretending it was graduation day. :o)

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Lisa said...

Congrats to Michelle (and mom and dad, whew another one done ;-) )