Thursday, June 22, 2006


It's the first thing I thought when my eyes opened this morning. THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! Tonight I can go to bed and not have to worry about an alarm clock, clean clothes or whether everyone has everything they need. I came to realize this last month that I wasn't sleeping well. Even though we have a few alarm clocks set to go off at various times during the morning. I was always worried we'd miss them and oversleep. That meant at various times throughout the night I'd pop awake, sit up, check the clock, breathe a sigh of relief and try to doze back off again. I'd also do the samething only wonder about clothes and supplies. Add in a nuzzling Danielle here and there and it's not healthy, although I feel well.

Tomorrow I hope I can be sleeping like a log when Tom heads off to work. I don't want to sleep in. I still feel like sleep is a waste of time. But to be able to sleep soundly when I am in bed would be a good thing.

We're still really busy here and it doesn't look be calming down until at least Tues. We have....

a gathering at church tonight
grocery shopping and prep for the weekend on Friday
church music weekend and a graduation party on Saturday
spending the night over at church Saturday night
finish up music weekend and 2 grad parties on Sunday
My dad's birthday party Monday

Tom has Thurs, Fri, and Mon of the following week off. I'm hoping to take the kids to the drive-in to see Cars and Shaggy Dog on Tues or Wed. One of us has to take the van to get a new exhaust system one of those days. So much for the lazy days of summer!

The house is coming along ok. Not as immaculate as I'd have liked, but it's a big improvement. On Tues we made up cleaning teams (big kid paired with a little one), decided what the chores would be, and who would start where in the chore chart. We're all working collectively this week to do some deep cleaning, then daily chores start on Sunday. The kids seem excited about it. They know if we DO it and stick to it, it's best for everyone. Not to mention easier.

I've heard a rumor that Tom's dad will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. I haven't heard how he's feeling or what this setback will do with his chemo timeline. The good news is that the tests showed his leukemia is still in check! *big sigh of relief*

Happy 2nd Blogiverary to Chris. I'm not sure I'd have joined into the blog world so readily if it hadn't been for her encouragement. Thanks Chris! With her anniversary coming up it means mine is a few days away. :o)

I'm working on my article for tomorrow over at This week's topic is siblings. It's actually been a hard topic for me to write about. You'd think with so many of them here it'd be a SNAP! Maybe that's my problem. There's too many angles. I'll get it ironed out eventually. I hope.

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