Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I had so much going on Sunday that I momentarily forgot it was father's day *blush*. Luckily the kids didn't! They all had cards and/or homemade gifts for Tom. Eileen gave him a picture of her surrounded in a popsicle stick frame. Olivia made him a pinch pot in art and gave him some shells she'd collected at the lake during my sister's birthday party last month. I had found an old school percolator for him at the thrift store. He can now have REAL coffee when we're camping (instead of instant). I also bought him a 4x6ft flag for his huge flagpole in the backyard. I was getting a bit embarrassed by the worn and tattered one he was flying. He went out and hung it up immediately.

We were out the door by 11am for church. Shortly afterwards we were to attend a graduation party at the conference center. Dinner wasn't served until 4 so I brought a picnic lunch for us to enjoy after the meeting.

It was sweltering out!!! Luckily we all brought our bathingsuits. Being in the pool made it enjoyable. We swam from 2 - 4 when it was time to eat. Inside the gym was getting really muggy which made it hard to breathe, so most of us left shortly after dinner and cake. We got home at 6.

I gathered clothes for the next few days left of school and threw them in the washer. I then headed back out the door at 8:30 to go visit with my dad. I tried to get Tom to go with me so he could visit his dad who's in the hospital with pneumonia. Tom couldn't because he was on call and had to be near his truck. :o( I guess it's a good thing he didn't come with me because I didn't get home until 2am. After hopping online for a few minutes it was 3:30 when I climbed into be. 6:30 came REALLY quickly!

Monday was the last full day of school for the middle and elementary kids. The original plans were for Tues and Wed to be half days, Wed being the last day. Unfortunately the district had to attend the funeral of one of the teachers (she was Drew's 5th grade teacher and then the math resource teacher after semi retiring). So the kids had Tues off with Wed and Thurs the half days.

Michelle, Val, Liz and I hit the outlet mall and found some GREAT deals!!!! I bought a ton of stuff at the children's place and could've bought more (I'm considering going back!). I spent $160. Except for Olivia's graduation dress which was $3.99, everything I bought was either $1.99 or $.99. Eileen and Olivia are pretty much set for the start of school in Sept. Although they may need a pair of jeans or two and underclothes.

We got home in time to make dinner, clean everyone up and head back out the door for the Kindergarten graduation ceremony. Olivia really liked her new dress. Here's a pic of her in it...

The ceremony seemed short this year, which is a good thing since it's always broiling in the packed auditorium. The kids did a great job singing their songs. Our camera was acting up and all the pics we took during the ceremony came out blurry. I did get a good pic of Olivia and my niece afterwards though.

The proud graduates...Olivia and E

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