Thursday, June 29, 2006

A few long days

Friday through Tuesday went something like this... cleaning, grocery shopping until 10:30pm, and food prep

Saturday...out the door by 8am for a music weekend at church. Grad party for Pat's girlfriend during the afternoon. Back to music practice. Spent the night at church with Liz on down...minus Luke. Went out cold at 11:30

Sunday...up at 7 for music weekend again (didn't sleep well). Practice until 12:30 and then home to pickup everyone left there. Two grad parties...home about 9ish. Fell into bed around 10'ish.

Monday...Up at 4:30am because of the early bedtime. Cleaning/laundry. Head to my parents' in the afternoon for my dad's birthday. (stop at a few stores on the way in) Home at 11pm

Tuesday.... 7 dentist appts, muffler repair, visit and dinner with parents again...home at midnight.

Where is the vacation part of summer vacation?

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