Friday, June 23, 2006

Today is sleep-in day

Being the first day of summer vacation I decided to let everyone sleep in today. Everyone has had such a hard time getting up for school, I figured they could use it. Obviously Danielle didn't get the memo. She was awake, poking me and playing with my eyes before 6am (read...before Tom's alarm went off!) She's since taken a nap.

Luke, Jake, Liz and Eileen didn't bother sleeping too late either. They're already up at 8:30. I'm taking advantage of the early morning and getting a few things done. So far I've finished and published my article (separate post above), thrown in laundry, emptied the upright freezer and started defrosting it. I'm in a...."Let's get this done today!" mood. That makes it hard to get my body out the door and to the grocery store. We don't NEED groceries and can survive the weekend without them. BUT it's a GREAT sale that ends Saturday. Since I'll be at church and a grad party on Sat, today's the only day. How can I pass up $.99 chuck steak/roasts!?!? We never have steak and I actually like chuck cooked on the grill. And a huge pot roast....yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm! With some chuck roasts I'd be able to try out the new pressure cooker/canner (never used!) I bought at a garage sale. :o) So I'll have to find a way to drag my rear out the door eventually. onto the yearly quest for a perfect, organized house for the summer.

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