Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally a whole day at home!!!

I didn't have to go anywhere on Wednesday. It was sweet! We managed to make a dent in the housework. The kids all cooperated and did their jobs. Now if we could stay home and clean everyday we just might get it ALL done. ;o)

There's no appointments in the works for a few days and Tom is now on vacation until the 5th! He's celebrating the fact by having the septic tank pumped out. ICK and oh so exciting! I'm trying not to gag as I type this out. I'm glad I'm not pregnant or I'd have lost it by now.

Wednesday was our 23rd wedding anniversary. We both remembered for once. To celebrate we decided to have Tom take 5 kids (Carrie on down and one of Jake's friends) to the drive-in. LOL I didn't go because I'd already been there and seen it with Liz and her didn't want to "waste" the $6 for me to see it again. Also it was raining on and off. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of dealing with Danielle in a stuffy van full of kids.

I hung out here with Michelle, Val, J (val's best friend) and Liz. I didn't even bother trying to wait up for Tom. Matter of fact, I didn't even hear him climb into bed! I'm thinking we might try to do something nice tonight, whether it's to find a bit of alone time here tonight or go out somewhere for a few hours.

I'm in the mood to get things done...Hoe out the laundry room, sew, clean my room. The trick is to get my body to agree and cooperate with my mind.

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