Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just call me....

Jean Jean the Dancing Machine! (guess that shows my age...where's the gong?)

I have finally found and bought a remote control that worked with my tv. The first one I bought turned it on and off but that was it...what good is that!?!? Without the remote control we can't use the audio/video jacks on the tv. So no video games, music, movies, etc. Now that that's taken care of, I can start playing exercising with my DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) game on the Playstation2!

I've played for 2 days and it's addicting! Granted I'm only playing in workout mode (a LOT easier then game mode) but it's still constant moving. The first day I hit the mat 3 times for a total of 30mins. Now I'm trying to keep doing it in 20mins or more sessions. Yesterday I hit the mat 2 times for a total of 40mins. I'd have played it a 3rd time but all us girls went shopping instead. I noticed it was a bit difficult to get up from a crouch while shopping. I'm a bit stiff but not too sore.

The kids are getting into it too. I took a potty break, only to find Patrick dancing away. Now HE's good! And in game mode too! Jake and Carrie were competeing against each other. I think once summer vacation starts we may have to set up a schedule for it. lol

Speaking of summer hasn't even started yet and I'm already school shopping for next year! Poor kids. We went to Walmart and they had a decent clearance sale. Most of the prices were at my high acceptable range. I may buy more if they get reduced yet again. The girls were bummed that they couldn't wear anything until the fall but most of it is lighter longsleeved stuff anyways. I did let Olivia and Eileen wear something new that was summery though (I know....what a softie!).

I feel bad for being out as late as we were. We closed up the mall and then hit McD's on the way home (ate in the car though). My kids are so tired and ready for school to be out! When I was picking up Olivia from school her teacher told me she didn't want to play during recess today. I let her know that she's been EXHAUSTED. Wouldn't you know it, Olivia was sleeping before we got down the road. Less then 2 more weeks!

I stil need to go grocery shopping. We have another busy weekend with a Spring Conference at church. So I'll need meals I can bring and eat there. I'd like to go today so I can do prep work tomorrow. BUT (there's always but) I'm TIRED! I don't wanna go today, I wanna just sit around on my butt. Can't someone go for me? *pity party over*

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april said...

I need to get up on my soapbox in response to no children at weddings. My husband was recently in the bridal party for a very good old friend and none of our children were invited to any of the four functions (shower, rehearal, wedding, reception). I can understand them not being invited to an adult party such as the shower, but a baby needs to be with his mommy. So I drove back and forth to all these functions to check on my kiddos and we left all the parties very early to get home to relieve the sitter.

There is a picture from my wedding where my husband and I are holding four babies and surrounded by all his little cousins, that was a great photo of things to come!

Shame on the bride and groom's parents for allowing that behavior, they should know weddings are a family event.