Friday, June 09, 2006

Sssshhhhhh! She's asleep!

Sometimes I'm such a sucky mom. Why? Because here I have the happiest baby in the world staring at me, hugging and kissing on me and what do I do? I nurse her so she'll fall asleep and take her morning nap. Why? Because I want to....


Yep, I must feed the addiction. GOTTA PLAY! GOTTA.GET.MY.GROOVE.ON!

Yesterday I played on and off all day. Pausing only long enough to remove Danielle from my mat (kidding...really). Today I got her into bed, threw in a load of laundry so I'd feel like I was working while I was playing and hit the mat. I did 22 songs for 30:30mins and burnt 177.026kcals. Granted I'm still playing in the workout mode (totally different then playing game mode) and only on the beginners course. But I'm doing all the songs on the heavy setting (hardest). I tried to do workout's very similar to game mode. This outta shape body can't get her feet to move that fast...and breathe...furgetaboutit. it's time to switch laundry, throw some dishes in the machine, pickup a few things and get dressed so I can go grocery shopping. I WILL NOT look at or touch the tv/ddr game until shopping is done! WILL NOT! Really I mean it!

DDR Report
Mode: Workout
Course: Beginners
Setting: Heavy

Playing time: 30:30mins
Songs completed: 22
Calories burnt: 177.026

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