Friday, June 09, 2006

It's their game

My cousin is getting married on July 1st. I was suppose to go to his fiance's bridal shower last Sunday...I didn't. I found out the week of the shower that I couldn't bring Danielle to the wedding. I found out the day before the shower that I wasn't welcomed there if I brought her. My mom is upset, I'm not...for me. For the other 2 girls who can't come with their nurslings (newborn and 3mos) I'm a bit more put out....especially the mom of the newborn!

I totally understand a bride not wanting a baby at her wedding ceremony. There's lots of talking done on a non shouting level. The shower and reception, it's a bit harder to see the importance of them not being there. But I respect their decision. Even if it means I can't go.

Certain people act like I'm just making problems for myself. Let the baby stay home and just go! Ummm ok, that's a great idea! Let's leave a baby who's never been away from her mom with an 18yo who already has 5+ kids to watch. Nevermind said baby will NOT drink out of a bottle no matter how hard everyone tries (no not trying to wean). I wouldn't even think of putting that on my husband!

I'd have to leave her for at least 5 - 8hrs. I live over an hour away from the reception hall. A bit too far to travel if she decides she's going to throw a fit (even though my baby wouldn't do this lol) and no one will work to bring her out of it but me.

No, I'm not upset over this. I know my kidfriendly views are kind of extreme. Not that I think kids should be at EVERYTHING or welcomed everywhere. I'm just more tolerant of them in situations where others tend not to be. I do have to wonder though...will their views change over time? Who knows maybe they'll never have kids. Then I guess it would stay a mystery to them why anyone would bring a baby/kid to any public function. My guess is that eventually they will have them. Then they'll see babies can't be oh so conveniently put away.

M and C...I wish only the best for you. May you have many decades of wedded bliss.


Chris said...

I think it is crazy that someone wouldn't allow a baby at a wedding! Toddlers or older kids I could understand, but babies?

owlhaven said...

I would be really put out if someone said I couldn't bring my kids! I would definitely be staying home...

Mary, mom to many

Bonny said...

Hi there ... followed the link fr largerfamilies ...

I just received my very first 'your kids aren't invited to my wedding' invitation this past week fr an extended family member. My kids will be really disappointed - they've been excited abt the wedding for months. {sigh}