Monday, June 26, 2006

Speaking of anniversaries....

While having a conversations with some friends on Saturday I realized... I forgot Carrie's re-birthday on the 20th! I was shocked, upset and yet happy over the fact. We call the anniversary of Carrie's bone marrow transplant her re-birthday. This year she is now 9yrs cancer free. Carrie's story

It threw me off guard that I'd forget such an important date. Then again it's gotten to be not so important anymore. That's what I was happy over. That it has gotten to be a thing of the past. We don't talk (or worry) about it much anymore. Most of the time it's only mentioned around her checkup times and in terms of keeping time....something happened before or after Carrie's transplant. (much like I use births to track time)

Although I'm happy that it's getting to be a thing of the past, I don't really want it to be. I like to acknowledge the sacrifice Drew gave for Carrie. At the time donating his marrow to her was a VERY big thing for him. The kid couldn't look at a needle without going soft in the knees and turning pure white. Yet he had dozens of blood tests and huge needles stuck into his pelvic bone so they could harvest his marrow. OUCH!

It reminds me just how fragile life is and to not take things for granted. During one of my low periods after Carrie's transplant I mentioned to my hit me that Carrie may not be here in 5yrs (magic survival date). She responded with...Kim...ANY of your kids could not be here in 5yrs. So true!

It's nice to look at Carrie and not see a sick girl or a cancer survivor anymore. To just see a girl who's developing into a lovely young lady. BUT sometimes it is good to remember everything she has gone through and survived. If only to appreaciate the future all the more! :o)

June '97...........June '06

Happy 9th rebirthday Carrie!!! May you have 90 more. :o)

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Kathy said...

Aww Kim Happy re-birthday to Carrie. She sure is a beautiful young lady:-)