Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Family Pictures!!!

Since everyone was at Olivia's graduation ceremony I insisted we take family pictures! I hadn't gotten one taken since Danielle was born and even then I had to photoshop Drew in. So after we had our lemonade and cookies at the reception, we hit the playground.

Pat's girlfriend took the rare photo of Tom and I both in the picture with the kids.
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We tried a bunch of different poses on the playground. This is the one I like the best

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I have one more that's no so great but fun. I'm saving that for my post over at on Friday.


Anne said...

How awesome!

Even with "just" our 6 we had to set the timer on our camera to finally get a pic of all of us!

Dot said...

Oh Kim!! Your family is so beautiful. I tear up thinking how lucky you are and how I SO wish we could have had close to that many.

bonnie said...

Yay for updated photos. Our last one was taken 5 years ago, the last time everybody was home!

I have 11 dear kiddos, too, Kim. So I feel like a kindred spirit.