Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sometimes I even amaze myself

It's great when a solution to a problem comes to you AND it works out well! We've had a minor problem with our front storm door for a few years. The screen insert of the door had gotten snapped in half during a bad thunderstorm. Living in mosquitoville and the front of the house being on the eastside (shaded most of the day and where the breeze comes from) it was important to get a new screen in there.

After tripping over a piece of plastic screening for the hundredth time (it had worked it's way out of the hall closet where it was stored) it came to me! I bought sticky backed velcro, stuck one side to the aluminum door frame...the other to the screen. stuck them together and tada! Instant screen door! it took an hour to do it, instant enough. It should even help our glass insert stay in the frame better. It's a replacement and is a bit thinner then the original insert was, so moved around in the frame quite a bit.

Detail of my handiwork


Lisa said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking on my old wood back screen door that they keep putting their hands through. Don't you love it when something works!

Mel said...

Smart thinking!