Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another full fledged adult

Michelle is 21 today! We're not doing anything too special, just her birthday dinner which she picked out (pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fruit & yogurt parfaits) with cake and ice cream. I'm not sure how the timing of it'll go since we also have middle school open house and the youth are having a feast tonight at church. Luckily I canceled a dentist appointment that was today or I'd be ready to crawl back into bed. Actually I am ready to do that anyways.

Poor Olivia, she's laying on the couch next to me under a very comfy fleece blanket. She can't seem to keep her eyes open and get moving. It's one of those chilly, grey, wet mornings that makes it hard to get out of bed much less out the door. I already miss the beautiful weather we had last week. I could sit here wishing I'd enjoyed it a bit more, but I won't.

Sean on the other hand has NO problems getting up and getting going. He's been running since before his eyes opened (he literally does sit up before he even gets his eyes open). I think he's been over every inch of this house already. Unfortunately he's also discovered Michelle's birthday cake sitting on the counter and has tried to pull it down to see it a few times. This is gonna be fun (or I'm going to have to find a higher place to put the thing). Now if I could just bottle that energy....

Hopefully we'll have some news on the thing I can't talk about. I HATE not being able to talk about it. I'm normally a lay it all out there type of person. Stupid need for privacy...but I'll respect that, kinda.

Well Olivia is finally moving and that means I should help her and pay attention to her. I'll be back if there's any news on anything.

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