Friday, October 24, 2008

We left and we're back

We had a nice trip but it was down right COLD by the time we were done. The apple farm was fun! The lady behind the counter really took to Danielle. She ended up asking me if I was interested in hand me downs. Seems her daughter jumped from a 2T/3T to a 6 in no time so she has clothes, especially dresses, in between that haven't been worn. I gladly accepted and left her my number. She mentioned to the kids that the barn sale was in the back and to push hard on that door. She got a kick out of their reaction when they saw all the treasures back there. While it was cool, I saw mostly costly junk. Well not totally, I found a smallish egg basket for $3 that I snatched up. Guess I can check that off my Christmas List. :o) She mentioned how good my kids were and how I had a broad age range. After I mentioned my oldest was 24 she asked how many kids DO you have?. When I answered 12 She did the jaw drop but quickly recovered into a huge smile and said...that'll keep you busy! I of course agreed with her.

I bought a lot of stuff...5 grocery bags full of apples...ida red, rome red, cortlands, empires and a bag of mixed....jonagold, crispins, spygold, and yellow delicious maybe...that bin wasn't marked. A 50lb bag of chef's potatoes, a bushel box of butternut squash, a huge head of cauliflower, and some cinnamon buns with tons of icing for the trip home. The kids hit up the rock candy container. I heard hints of her cutting the kids breaks on the prie of things. We'll definitely be back!

From there we headed to a playground. I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the school or the state park...they picked the school. By the time we got there the sun was starting to go down and the wind was whipping...brrrrrrr! Poor Sean was shivering so we didn't stay as long as we wanted to. Michelle had wanted to stop at the ice cream stand/diner before we hit the playground, but they were closed for the season. So after we were done at the playground she asked if we could head into another village and hit up the ice cream stand there...her we did. It was scrumptious.

With our bellies full we headed home, unloaded the car of the veggies and the kids started painting and carving pumpkins. They didn't have tons of time since they had to leave for Friday night activities. It was hard for them to stop what they were doing so they could leave but they did...except Jake...he's still sick. Seems the dr's office called while we were gone. They didn't mention why or who they were calling for. I'm assuming at least one of the boys tested positive for something. We'll have to wait until morning to find out who and what it was. That means Jake will definitely be missing my great nephew's birthday party tomorrow. I have to remember to call my nephew when I'm done here.

Danielle is now burning up. I guess I can consider it officially illness season. I just hope it's not one of those years where we keep passing things around and around.

Microwave just squash is done. Time to eat!

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