Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh no! It's one of THOSE moods!

It's one of the moods I love/hate. I call it my domesticated bliss mood. The mood where everything you see that needs to be done, you want to do. The laundry...not only do I want to do the piles that I have sitting here...I want to strip all the beds and do a zillion loads of bedding too. I want to organize dressers and closets. The kitchen...not only do I want to clean and bleach the counters...I want to rearrange the cabinets, make a 4 course meal and do tons of baking. I want to get out my sewing machine and start tinkering...making Christmas presents, draft dogs, curtains, etc. And the kids are home! I want to take them up to the lake and go to the playground, go outside and kick the soccer ball around with them, sit out in the shade and watch the chickens.

UGH! The reality is... I'll end up with piles of sorted clothes and beds stripped. The kids will be clamoring for dry bedding when they should be happily jumping under their fresh linens and going to sleep. What clothes I did manage to wash will be sitting around in baskets, threatening to sneak back into the dirty laundry piles. I'll end up with my kitchen table piled high with various things from the cupboards and I'll throw together a quick pot of pasta and sauce together at 7pm. I won't get my sewing machine out and I'll probably never see a ray of sunshine. (ok, can't really say that will be true since I'm sitting in a sunbeam like a kitty right now lol)

Yep, it's one of those moods I love and hate at the same time. One of these days I may surprise myself and actually get everything I want accomplished. I doubt today will be the day. But you never know.

Time to go throw a load of bedding in the machine. Wish me luck! ;o)

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