Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Friday!

Yeah I know it's really only Thursday but to's Friday. The kids have tomorrow off for a staff developmental day. (IMO they should make this staff day the day after Halloween so the kids can stay home and recoup...although this year it didn't matter) To me it' s a bonus day because Michelle has it off too. Any sensible person would say...YAY! I can stay home and relax or get something done. What do I do.. I know! Let's go to the zoo. My sensible side was starting to win over and I was thinking I probably should stay home (haven't mentioned the idea to the kids yet so no disappointment there). Thing is, I just checked the weather's going to be VERY nice out...sunny and almost 60. We've just finished up a very wet and chilly streak so it'll be especially delicious. How can I not want to go to the zoo now? I have a zoo membership so it'll just be the gas to get there (have a full tank as I type). We can bring lunch, so no expense there. There aren't going to be too many more nice days to go. SHUT UP sensible side!!! So what if I really need to get some things done around here. So what if I deserve a day to just stay home. We can have FUN! Especially if Della and the kids go. :oD So yeah, as of right now....I'm going to the zoo tomorrow. Ask me again in 5 mins.

Around here things are going along as normal. Olivia is in a bit of a panic because she can't find her bookbag and today is her spelling test....we didn't study. (BAD mom!) Eileen went to school without her bi-weekly essay not done (rough draft due one week, finished copy due the next and on and on). I forgot it was a short week so didn't encourage her to get to it like I should have. WHY does the teacher insist on assigning stupid, boring topics? Write about 3 characteristics that make up a good student? BORING! How about something like...what would you life be like if you lived in space. Or you're going on a trip to Australia. or Antarctica Or your favorite fall/Halloween memory. I don't blame her for procrastinating. Although it doesn't excuse me from neglecting my homework duties. (HEY! I sign those folders every morning...what more do they want!?!)

Jake is sick today. I feel bad because he's been not feeling well all week and I've been treating him like he's been working me over to get a day off school. Last night he looked horrible and started running a slight he probably didn't feel well the last few days. Not exactly sure what I'm doing with him at the moment. I'm waiting to see how he fares once he's up and about this morning. I'd rather go to the doctor's today then tomorrow. UHOH! It just hit me...if he's sick...we CAN'T go to the zoo! UGH! I hate when my brain forgets something like that in the equation. It happens a lot.

Yesterday was an eggless day. We did get a 3rd one on Tuesday...another small green one. I'm not sure why the brown egg layer hasn't given us another yet. She may be laying them out in the yard. I thought with all the rain they'd lay in the coop for sure yesterday...there were huge puddles everywhere.

Yesterday was also a convenience less day. We lost electricity for a few hours. When it came back our DSL and internet were down. By dinner time DSL was back but internet wasn't. That came back shortly after bedtime. HOW did we survive without the net? I needed to call someone...but their number was online. I needed to look up a recipe...but couldn't get online. I had to find some info on the chickens...couldn't find my book or get online. One thing I learned though...I don't need the net to waste time. I can do that on my own very well. It helps that UB bought a new Mother Earth News magazine for me to read. :o) The nice thing is that I could read it semi guiltfree as I couldn't really do any work without electricity or water (no pump for the well).

This post has sat as I did a bunch of things around here this morning, including taking care of the chickens. I came across some of them in the yard eating a broken egg. I just hope it's not a habit that'll be hard to break. NESTING BOXES! NESTING BOXES! NESTING BOXES! I guess the oyster shell I put off buying last time is now at the top of my list. And they won't have to sneak the cat's food anymore...I'll be giving them some of their own now.

I made Jake a 3pm appt for the doctor's and then called them back and had them add in Sean. He's not nursing well and isn't a happy camper. Well guess if I'm going out the door in a hour I should start getting people ready.

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