Sunday, October 19, 2008

Something is bugging me!

I have no idea what it is but it's causing me feel terrible! It started while I was driving to pick up Michelle last night. It was so bad that I almost had to pull over. My eyes are swollen, sore and icky. I can hardly see this screen (good thing I can touch type fairly well). I can feel my sinuses starting to fill and a headache brewing. Hopefully getting some claritin in me will ease things up. Wish I could say it was from cleaning (stirring things up always irritates my sinuses) but we haven't gotten to that yet. I did spend a good amount of time outside so it's probably something out there.

Tom and I salvaged a bunch of wood panels from the conference grounds yesterday. They're gutting a building to make a caretaker's residence. When I dropped off the kids that were working there I saw these panels. I think they might've been shelves in a former life. Well I asked if we could have them and they said sure I was dying to stay and see what else they were throwing in the dumpster. I know there's huge hunks of insulation that I'd have loved to use in the chicken coop.

Funny how God provides. We are in need of nesting boxes and a way to enclose the bottom of the chicken coop and it wasn't really in the budget. Then I come across these panels. I knew they'd be perfect for those projects as soon as I saw them. Actually I've got a few more projects they'd be good for too. I don't think there'll be enough though. (cold frames, another chicken coop, fort for the kids)

When Eileen saw us unloading the panels she asked...Are you going to use those to build another chicken coop. LOL They say chickens are I believe it. I love to take my coffee outside and just sit and watch them. I think when I'm older I'll be the crazy chicken lady instead of the crazy cat lady.

Well guess I should go and get some claritin into me and tell Tom how to do things the RIGHT way...I Tom. ;o)

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