Thursday, October 16, 2008

My heart stopped

Put me to the top of the list of lunkhead moms. Way back in 2006 I bragged about fixing my screen door with velcro. It worked and has continued to work. The problem's not escape proof. Sean just peels up the screen and out he goes through his very own baby door. Needless to say we have to keep the front door closed when it would be beneficial to have it open (main breeze source).

Yesterday Drew came by with his dog Sweetpea and Allison's dad's dog Spanky. Danielle and Sean were both terrified of Spanky! So I made a stupid assumption. Drew was sitting at the computer desk by the front door and could watch Sean who was sitting on the front porch with Spanky at the bottom of the porch stairs. Drew went down into the Val and Michelle's room. I assumed Sean wouldn't try to go down the porch stairs past Spanky since he was so terrified of him. WRONG!!!!

I realized that Sean was being really quiet so went to check on him. He wasn't on the porch. I couldn't see him in the front yard. I screamed for him. Michelle came running out the front door and I told her to check the road to see if he went for a walk. Then I ran out back. Having dragged Sean off the pool deck a dozen times in the last few days I was sure that was the first place he'd head. I knew when I came around the corner I'd find him in the pool. I was so sure of it I didn't want to go around the corner. But as I rounded the corner of the house I saw that the pool gate was still closed. PHEW!

But where did he go? I scanned the immediate area...the swingset, trampoline, ride on toys...nothing. That must mean he headed for the road. So I turned to run back up front. As I swung around I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned back around and looked again. There by the chicken run fence sat Sean, playing in the leaves. About 20ft across the ditch was UB (Uncle Billy) mowing under the tree.

I ran to Sean, scooped him up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. I then realized I was shaking like a leaf. I haven't talked to UB about it. I'm too embarrassed and ashamed. I really have NO idea how long he was back there. Walking back up around the house all I kept thinking was...where was the mother? And that folks is what tragedies are made from. I'm just blessed and lucky this time there was a happy ending.


One of the Cow Crew said...

That is sooo scarey! Happened to me with the twins, when they were about 22 months old. I was taking my oldest 2 to town, and had already opened the door when the phone rang. I ASSUMED the oldest boys would watch the twins...

When I got off the phone and asked where were the twins... both looked at me and shrugged. Then panic set in.

One of the boys saw them- far across our property, having gone under a barbed wire fence and skirted the pond!.... running as fast as their fat little legs would carry them. The big boys ran after them, and grabbed them as they were scooting under a second fence... into an uninhabited square mile of woods, weeds, and swamp. I still feel the lurch of the stomach at how close we came to that.
I am glad that Sean is OK!


Lisa said...

Glad he's ok, and yes I've had it happen too. We though Fletch was taking a nap. Oh no, he was across the road in the neighbor's yard. Eeeek

Dot said...


Big hugs for you, I think we have all been there to some extent.

Even though the weather is probably too cold now to leave the front door open, just in case you get some more warmth your way - put a baby gate in front of the screen door and then you can have the breeze. Our sliding glass door's screen door doesn't have a lock and that is how I kept Myles and the cats IN.

chel said...

Kim, please don't think your the only one who's had one of those moments. A few weeks ago I was looking out my front window only to see my two year old on my front lawn with my dog following him. (we live across from a busy golf course and not all the drivers are very... um... sobber.)anyways, I freak out only to find out my CAT!!! let them out!!!! to make a long story short, if our gate to our back yard doesn't get closed just right then the cat jumps on it and opens it up(I've seen it happen that's how I know). So out goes my Little Jacob and my puppy must have thought "Hey if he's going, I'm going." lol.
But all is well and at least I know I can still run even with a newly post pregnant body. Beacause that's what really matters right,lol. Just kidding;-)
(((Big Hugs))) Kim, try to think of the cup as half full.He's fine and still here to hug and kiss. It's a powerful reminder of what really matters in life and how quickly it can be taken away. It's a great oppertunity to practice graditude for the gifts we've been give. Because not often will you be more thank full than in moments like those.

Jennifer said...

WOW! That is scary. I went through that with my 3 year old; we moved to a house right next to a fairly busy road, and he snuck outside and I couldn't find him for a while. It is terrifying!! I'm glad it turned out well for you.