Monday, October 20, 2008

Another present from another lady

This time one of our Easter Eggers left us a present. I can't imagine she was actually trying to nest where I found it. I think it just kinda slipped out when she was roosting. We REALLY need to get those nesting boxes done!

I was so excited to see some of our chicks develop into what I suspected were Easter Eggers. These are a mixed breed that can lay a blue/green shelled eggs. Tom wasn't so gung-ho about them. After all, if we sell them who's going to want to buy weird colored eggs? I said I would! It could be a selling point, besides wouldn't green and/or blue eggs be pretty!? The hens didn't look to be maturing too rapidly. So I never would've suspected they would be next to lay. But lo and behold a teeny green egg was sitting on the floor of the coop when I did my rounds this morning. It's so pretty! Here it is next to a store bought large egg...

And here is the view from my camp chair. This is where I sit with my coffee and watch their antics. While we have their yard fenced in, we keep the door open so they can get the lush grass outside of their yard.

We ended up with only one Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster which is good since I might have a hard time deciding who was to go. They look almost regal.

But my all time favorite guy is this mutt. At least I think he's a mutt. I'm pretty sure he was one of our packing peanuts (extra chicks put in the shipping box to ensure warm for the ordered chicks). He's so ugly he's adorable and he's really mild mannered and laid back too. I wasn't going to name any of them but I've started to think of him as Stew! lol

Then there's our freebies we got this week...

Leaving Danielle on cloud9 and asking to go outside a dozen times a day...a swing set! (had a picture of Danielle actually using it but the memory card wouldn't work)

Leaving me on cloud9...a glass topped patio table with 5 chairs!

And our pile of salvaged wood for the chicken coop

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Lisa said...

Awesome free stuff. My grandma had chickens that layed blue/green eggs. As kids we thought they were sooooo cool.