Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The germs are invading

Time to break out the lysol! 6 out of 10 kids here have come down with the fever, sore throat but it's not strep illness we have. You haven't seen a needy Sean until you've seen a sick Sean. He was so pathetic...couldn't sleep, couldn't nurse, didn't know what to do so cried all night and day. It breaks my heart to not be able to help him. Danielle, she's pretty easy going when she's sick although she can be clingy. Here I thought she was latching onto me because she missed me on Saturday. Then she started with the fever Sunday night.

It made for an easier couple of mornings since Liz and Carrie were the only ones going to school. Still I find myself wishing I didn't have to wake them...especially this morning...it was so cold, rainy and dark out. It didn't seem right to have to force them out of bed. Fleeting thoughts of...if I homeschooled I wouldn't have to do this went through my mind. But I got them up and they went out the door like good girls.

Halloween is coming up and the kids are starting to worry. What if we're sick? What are they going to be? They don't need just ONE costume....but THREE (school, TorT'ing, and Harvest feast at church). I told them one costume per customer. Then there's teh question of where are we going trick or treating? In the past we'd go to either my parents' or Tom's parents' house. Well Tom's parents' house has been sold and my parents are on vacation for the week so their house is locked up. I've tried to convince them to just stay home and have a party but for some reason they aren't liking that idea.

Pat's still without a car and a job. I'm not sure how he'll pay for rent this month. All I know is the "Mom and Dad Loan office" is bone dry and closed for business. Of course the revolving door is always working if he needs a bed, but then there's a problem of how to get and keep a job way out here without transportation. *heavy sigh* On the good side he's looking into culinary school. It seems pretty steep for me in price, not sure how he'll swing it. But if there's a will, there's a way.

It's very cold and rainy out! I went out to take Michelle to work and the grass was crunchy. The wind was so strong it almost pushed me off the road. Luckily it was in the direction of the shoulder and not the other lane, the car moved THAT much. I just hope the roads don't get too bad before I have to pick her up again. It was a rude awakening that times awastin for me to get a pair of shoes or boots. My birks aren't going to cut it for too much longer.

Well everyone's home and will be expecting dinner soon. I also need to get the kids motivated to clean the floor up in here...it's a mess! LOL I just mentioned picking up the floor to the kids and someone asked me....Who's coming over?

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