Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nothing like blanking out

That's what I did this morning....I shut down, totally forgot I was a mom and had things that needed to be done. I woke up for a second when Tom was getting ready for work and then promptly fell back to sleep. I never woke up again until Luke woke me up tell me it was 7:24. The first trip bus comes between 7:25 and 7:30 and he was the only one awake. UGH!!!!! I didn't even jump up out of bed in a panic. No use to it...there was no rescuing the first trip kids. They were going in late no matter how fast they moved. Carrie did ask me to drive her in before the 2nd trip bus got there. She had a project to work on in 1st and 2nd period and couldn't afford to miss it. So I did...yeah me! lol The rest of the kids rode the 2nd bus in. Well those that went...Liz and Olivia stayed home again.

Yesterday was a 2 egg day! I found 2 eggs in the green and one brown. The brown was almost as big as a store bought large egg and had a pretty pink tint to it. This afternoon for some reason I decided to dig through the piles of bedding along the edges of the nesting box. I was surprised to find a small brown egg. I'm not sure which day it was from...good thing it's been cold out. I have an 18ct carton in the fridge that is slowly getting filled. We haven't used any yet. I told Danielle I'd make her a green egg omelet for breakfast. Think she'll be disappointed that the green color doesn't show up on her plate?

The kids are wracking their brains to figure out their Halloween costumes. The little kids need something for the school parade, something for trick or treating and then something preferably along the western theme for the church Harvest feast. I said I was going to be a monster, first thing I'll do for my costume is take out my front teeth! (I have a temp crown in and they came unglued) Everyone was thoroughly grossed out and begged me NOT to do it! lol We're still not sure where we're going or what we're doing.
Think there might a chance that it'll be canceled? I'm such a wet blanket! Hmmm...I just thought of my costume. I can go as myself and be a Funsucker! Oh I slay me.

Well kids are demanding I help them think of ideas and some are trying to convince me we need to take a trip to the store. They're so spoiled!

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Lisa said...

My 14yo suggested I was a shapeshifter only pretending to be a mother. Ouch!