Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oh if only they had NICE parents!

It's dark out but I can hear the rain falling...woohooo! Now I have a reason to stay inside. This place needs some TLC pretty badly. After my frenzy of a day the other day I switched gears and worked mentally. I spent a lot of time with Pat trying to figure out his car dilemma. It goes like have to have a car to get to work, you have to have work to get a car. Ah life is simple. lol

It really had been an "I told you so" day. It went along the lines of...

Delusionalman - I don't want to buy a $500 car that'll break down on me immediately.

Practicalmom - It's hard to buy anything else, especially since you have NO money! If you get 6 months out of it you'll be 4mos up on a car payment.

DM - I'm going to buy a new car.

PM - You CAN'T buy a new car!!! You don't have a permanent job (working temp jobs atm)

DM - I'll work 3 jobs if I have to. They'll give me credit. They give EVERYONE credit.

PM - Ummm that's how the economy got the way it is NOW! Doesn't mean that you SHOULD have credit. And I really don't think they will.

And on and on it went. It took all I had to keep from smashing my head on the wall until finally I said... Your father TOLD you again and again...your car won't last forever, save your money. Baby your car or it'll crap out on you. Save your money. Well guess what...he knew what he was talking about!!!! But the young whippersnapper knew better and off to a dealership he went. I thought...ahh good let him hear it from a professional that he can't get credit. I got a phone call from DM later and do you know what he said...

I found a car...a Mercury Cougar (not a Corolla, Nissan, Focus, Elantra....a COUGAR!) It's only $7800 (I love those onlys...they are oh so effective). I respond with Oh good. Then the kicker came in... The dealer said I need a co-signer. STOP THE BUS! BAD car salesman! You were suppose to say you couldn't give him credit. Not say...Go ask your mom! Why do I have to be the bad guy!?! I was just the bad guy all day trying to squash his dreams and see reality! Now I have to do your job too? So what do I say??? I doubt it. I don't think they'll allow us to co-sign for you. Things are tight here. I'll talk to your dad! (yeah I suck too). I heard he talked to his dad too. I would think his dad was pretty clear to him that it wasn't possible. But obviously not because the kid called back the next day...Well? What did you decide? UGH!!! I had to take the gloves off and smash him against the wall of reality...both his and our's (our's isn't so pretty either). It wasn't a fun phone call and I felt like crap after. I was almost in tears. I really really hate being the bad guy.

I hate the fact that he's now sitting in his apartment alone trying to come to terms with things...trying to figure things out. I have to keep reminding myself he has options. He lives in a big village. He can walk down the street and have a job today if he wants (granted it's burger king or a gas station but it's something). He lives on a bus route, with a little planning he can go almost anywhere in the city. And I'm speaking from experience because I did it when I was a pregnant newlywed. I didn't drive until I was pregnant for Michelle so the boys and I took our fair share of bus rides. And of course as always I offered him a place to stay if he couldn't afford rent. But then transportation might be a problem out here.

Oh if only all their booboos could be fixed with a kiss, a hug, a bandaid and a piece of candy still.


Lisa said...

You're not only practical mom you're good mom. It stinks to hit them with reality but I'd rather be the one to hit them than the repo man, kwim?

Kathyb1960 said...

I'm sure he won't appreciate this now, but sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do! LOL I lived in San Antonio for several years. Got laid off, then gave up my car voluntarily (right b4 they were going to come get it!), and discovered the bus. At first I hated it, and didn't want to ride it, but once I got on, I loved it! And I had to go a long time w/ no car. Had to get a job and live where I didn't want to live. It took me a long time to learn, and I'm still learning. My parents wouldn't co-sign for me either.

Good luck to all of you.

Kathy in West Texas