Friday, October 10, 2008

Few more pictures I wanted to share

I'm suppose to be in the shower getting ready for a mega trip to the dentist. I've been told to expect to be sitting in the chair for 2 hrs (starting the caps for my front teeth). Liz and Olivia are getting work done before me so we'll probably be there 4+ hrs. UGH!! Luckily my parents live a few miles from the dentists. My mom's agreed to come and pick the 4 kids (Liz, Olivia, Danielle,and Sean) after the girls get their work done. Then I can sit in the chair care free. LOL

So instead of showering I decided to throw a few pictures up. Let's see if I can get this done before time runs out...tick tock, tick tock. Most are from the trip to the zoo we took in September. A few are from around the house.

Val and Michelle by the duck pond

A visitor during our lunch

Sean fascinated with our visitor

Danielle holding up the world

Me and the little ones

Val and Danielle

The colors changing, this morning as the first trip kids were waiting for the bus

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