Friday, October 17, 2008

Someone's been a good girl!

Someone was nice and left me a present EGG! It was tiny but's an egg! Our chickens have started to lay! I almost missed it even though I walked through the coop looking for them. (we haven't made the nest boxes yet...guess it's on this weekend's list now) Not seeing any I then cleaned up under the roosts and stirring up and renewing the rest of the bedding. It was as I was scooping up the litter from under the roost that I saw it. So I'm not entirely sure where they laid it. It was a little bit bigger then a golf ball. I knew that the eggs are small at first but it really surprised how small it was. Yes, I said was, as in no longer in existence. No we didn't eat it. It met an untimely demise. I won't go into details but will say it wasn't pretty. I just wish I'd gotten a picture taken before it happened.

It's funny how one factor can change your outlook of things. Just this morning I was moaning and groaning that I had to go out and take care of the chickens. I was complaining about how hard it was going to be in the winter with the snow. I had barely dragged myself out there this morning to take care of them. Since the egg was found I've had NO problem dragging my rear out there! I've actually been out there a few times this afternoon. lol

We've been leaving the run gate open so they can free range in the lusher grasses (their run is getting matted down and muddy). Now that I know someone's laying I'm kind of reluctant to let them roam. What if they lay in the bushes or tall grass? Yeah I know it's no biggie, they do it all the time. But that means I miss out on an egg. Poor poor me. Hopefully they'll be good little girls and go into the coop to lay. And hopefully I can get a picture of the next one!

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