Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am getting TOO old for this job!

Oh my goodness! I'm no spring chicken anymore. I had a doctor try to tell me that 6yrs ago...but would I listen...NO! Well Dr S, I'm listening now...because I have NO CHOICE! Right now my body is threatening to shut down at a moment's notice.

It all started before the sun came up yesterday. For some reason I've been finding myself awake at 4am. Usually I'll toss and turn for an hour or so, finally giving up trying to fall back to sleep and going out into the living room. Sean usually follows within 15-30mins. At least yesterday he let me sort and throw in some laundry before deciding he couldn't live without me by his side.

Then it was time to get ready for the Fall Conference at church. Due to needing to get Michelle to work and Tom's run to the dump we got to church 1.5hrs after I'd planned. It was beautiful day and Sean was taking full advantage of it. He LOVES the playground!!! Watching him it's amazing to realize he wasn't walking a month ago. He's getting fast! Most of my day was spent shadowing him along with attempting to sit and talk with the ladies.

It got really chilly, really quick once the sun went down. Then Sean fell apart. So I decided I wouldn't try to stay all night for the snack bar. I packed up the younger kids and we headed home. The proper thing for a responsible mom to do would've been to thrown them into the tub and wash off the grime of the playground. Instead I plunked myself down on the couch, changed Sean's diaper and nursed him while cuddling with Danielle. It didn't take either one of them long before they were out cold.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't go to bed because I had to go back to church and pick up the older kids after the youth meeting and they were done cleaning. So I finished watching Princess Diary 2 with Eileen and Olivia and tried to catch up with things online. What I managed to do was doze off on the couch for about an hour. At least I woke up so I could pick up the kids when I needed to.

We got home and I sat back on the couch and talked to Luke for a while (Liz and Carrie went right to bed). Then I heard the noise every mother dreads at 1:30 in the morning...the phone ringing. It was Pat's personalized ring. UGH!!!! What now? Hopefully it wasn't he needed me to bail him out or he was in the hospital.

Nope, no jail time or hospital visits involved (phew!). His car was being idiotic! It was making a weird noise so he pulled over, now it wouldn't start. The only problem...he was on Route 81, south of Binghamton! As Pennsylvania, south of Binghamton. "Luckily" it was only about 10 miles over the NY/PA border.

So I woke up Tom, put Sean's car seat into the car, grabbed the GEO's title (incase it was decided it was best to scrap it) and the temporary AAA membership card I received in the mail this week, and made a cup of coffee. Tom mumbled and grumbled about Pat not checking the oil (they JUST topped it off last Sunday when he was here!), grabbed a gallon of oil, his power inverter, my laptop with his Civilization CD in it and made himself a cup of coffee. We loaded the car and put Sean in his car seat and then hit the road.

After a few mistakes on what mile marker they were closest to we finally found them. They put oil in the car, tinkered with it a bit and it very reluctantly started. If he stopped giving it gas it'd quit but we decided it was best to try to get as close to home as possible with the thing. We stopped at the closest convenience store, grabbed some caffeine and a snack and then headed North.

We convinced Pat "as fast as possible" wasn't a good option for the car right now. That slow and steady was the way to get it home in one piece. That poor thing really took a beating on the hills. Pat was worried he'd run out of gas. We decided it was better to risk running out of gas then to stop the car before we got it into the driveway. We made it and pulled into the driveway shortly after 7:30am.

Sean had slept most of the drive and was raring to go. After all, the sun was shining! I fed him and let him play then managed to convince him to go lay down with me. After nursing a while he finally fell asleep for a decent size nap. Just wish I could've slept the whole time.

If this happened 10yrs ago, I'd have been raring to go after my little nap. Now all I'm doing is yearning for another nap! Which is pretty bad since I normally consider them a waste of time. Oh yeah I can see me just thriving with a nighttime job that leaves me with only a few hours of sleep every night. (something we've talked about recently). I'm turning into an old fart!!!


Lisa said...

At least you had a few years when you didn't need sleep. I've always been a 10 hour girl. Which explains why I've been so exhausted for the last 16years.

noelle said...

I read this last night just before I headed out to a new postpartum job. The twins are already on a four hour schedule so I did OK, but it's always so hard to sleep in a strange house. We'll see how I do with missing big sleeps 3 nights/week for a few months.