Monday, October 20, 2008

How can parents do that?

I admit as far as parents go, I can be considered a pushover. I have allowed things that a long time ago I thought for sure I wouldn't. I accept things I probably should be stronger against. I know that in the long run I'm probably not doing my kids any favors.

What I don't get is why would a parent deliberately sabotage their child's future? Why agree to do A and then pull it out from under them mid process because they aren't doing EXACTLY what you want them to.

One of the kids' friends is top of their class, was accepted to a ton of ivy league schools, is in the honors program in the school they're in now. They're preapproved for med school. All they have to do is keep up their grade point average during their premed years. Which they are willing to do and work for.

They don't approve certain people they hang out with (ok, my kid) and they think my kid is going to make them give up their dreams and quit school. So what do the parents do? They make it as difficult as they can for said kid to stay in school. This poor kid went to register for next semester today and found out that they owe $8000 for THIS semester and it has to be paid before they can register for the classes they NEED (and are in jeopardy of filling up fast). The only explanation for the gap in financing is that their parents stopped a loan they had applied for this summer. They didn't even warn this poor kid!

The school is helping them come up with $5,000 but that still makes a $3,000 deficit...kind of hard to make up on the spur of the moment. It's almost laughable in the grand scheme of things since a successful career will net that amount in a few days!

Even if they can go to their bank and get the loan, it's going to take time, which means classes are filling as they are waiting for the loan to process. If this had come up at the beginning of the semester, said kid would've had a job and been making payments on the deficit.

I don't know, maybe I'm only hearing one side of the story. I just know this kid is an extremely hard worker and good kid. That has bent over backwards to please the parents and yet they do this. And me being me, I'm trying to figure out a solution to this! I was fooling around and said we'd co-sign for this person. Pat didn't think I was too funny (remember I said we wouldn't co-sign on a car for him). Kids have no sense of humor!!!

Someone remind me I have 12 kids of my own to worry about!! I can't be a mother to everyone!

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holly said...

sounds kinda backwards to me...worry about them staying in school, but then making it impossible for them to stay in school?? HUH?

Like you said though....not your kid. Just be there to listen, but don't loan money. Especially since you held firm with your own kid.