Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls day out

Liz, Olivia and Eileen had a fun day today with some cousins and a friend. Earlier in the week my SIL Della mentioned taking her girls to see High School Musical 3. When she also mentioned it would be nice to have someone sit with them through it so she could check out the mall...I jumped at the chance to include us in the plans and offered Liz to chaperone them. (asking Liz first of course) So we made plans to meet at the mall at 4:30.

I didn't tell the little girls until yesterday because I knew they'd be jumping out of their skin in excitement. And I was right. We dropped off Michelle at work at 2:15, waited in line for cheap gas, ran to Burger King to grab Michelle a breaktime snack, dropped off said snack and then onto our adventure.

I ran to the mall to pre-purchase the tickets...12 of them, 3 adults (12yo and over) and 9 kids. Liz was laughing at me as I was pulling out of the mall parking lot when she noticed me drumming my leg. She asked if I was excited and I had to admit...I was. I think I was also very glad to have that task off my mind. I kept thinking they'd be sold out, or I'd not get the adult/kid ratio right, or SOMETHING! I was also excited for them. It's not very often that they get to see a movie at a theater.

The 5 of us headed to the Chinese buffet for a leisurely lunch. As leisurely as Sean would allow it to be. He actually was pretty good. Near the end he was a bit impatient with sitting so Liz lugged him around and occupied him. We'd all been starving when we got there. Eileen said she was full while on her first plate. I threatened to not bring her again since she's a lightweight! Then I let her know I was joking and she didn't really have to eat just sit and relax with us. Which she did. Me, I loaded my plates and...well let's just say I got my money's worth. lol As long as I'm not feeling ill at the end...everything is great!

After lunch it was back to the mall to meet everyone. We didn't have to wait for long before Della showed up and it was time to go into the movie. Cheryl's girls got there, we gave them their tickets and then headed toward the fabric store. I've been wanting to look at their fleece. I've been thinking of making everyone wearable blankets for Christmas. Tom hates when they carry their blankets out into the livingroom because they also usually get left in the livingroom. But we have a blanket with a hood that's a monster face. I've been wearing it around and it stays pretty well, it also keeps a lot of body heat in.

JoAnn's Fabric usually has a pretty decent price on fleece this time of the year. And they did but I found some REALLY soft fur fleece on clearance for $2.50 a yard and bought a ton of it. I also bought black fleece with the alphabet on it. I think it'll be Danielle's. I might even have enough to make Sean one out of it too. Guess that means I have to get my sewing machine out and tuned up pretty soon. I could make the no sew versions but I'd prefer them sewn. I reserve the right to change my mind though.

After the fabric store we bought coffee and sat and talked for a while. Seemed like no time at all before it was time to meet the kids again. We were having so much fun too! I had to stay in the city because Michelle was getting out of work in an hour and a half. So we headed to Kohl's. I had tons of 15% off coupons and also $10 in Kohl's cash to use. The girls had NO problem finding clearance stuff to buy. I also bought my dad 2 short sleeve button up shirts for next to Christmas present done!

We left Kohl's with 10 minutes to spare before Michelle was out of work. So we headed back to her work. I ran in and almost immediately after that...she walked out. Liz had decided she wanted to stay in the van with a sleeping Sean so we literally ran through. I ended up throwing almost $190 worth to stuff into the my cart in about 20mins! That's insane!

Michelle needed to run into Walmart. So I stayed in the van with the sleeping baby and everyone else went in. Obviously their idea of running and my idea are two different things since it took them almost 45mins! It's a good thing I like to people watch because I did a lot of it. Oh the stories I invented. lol

We finally pulled into the driveway at 9:45. Sean had woken up and was screaming for attention! The kids took care of the groceries while I took care of Sean. Danielle was nonstop gab, telling me everything I missed while I was gone. I'd missed her.

The kids had a snack and went to bed. I started writing here and fell asleep midsentence about 3/4 of the way through (yes, I'm finishing this on Sunday morning). Sean didn't like the couch and started fussing about into bed we went. It was bright and early when I woke up to realize I hadn't even gotten into the bathroom since about 3pm the day before...OOF! Good Morning to me!


noelle said...

That sounds like an awesome day! And a movie in a real theater and not the $2 one would be a HUGE treat! :o)

chel said...

I'm soooo with Tom on the blanket thing. Because I'M the one who has to clean then up. Mornings are pretty busy around here and by the time I get to the living room the kids have already gone to school. PLEASE share a picture of your end product as I would love to make some.