Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sitting for a few minutes

Aaaaaaaaaah! Don't mind me, I'm just sitting on my butt. Yeah usually someone would be right to say I should get up and get going. Right now though if you said it you'd be risking your life. ;o)

Everyone is where they need to be for the present moment. Although they should start returning in no time at all. Danielle, Olivia, Eileen, Michelle and Val went with Allison to the zoo at 8am. They were having breakfast with the bears through Allison's work. I guess they get to go INTO the bear area and hide food for the bears to find. Sounds like lots of fun. They're suppose to be home around noon. The other kids, minus Liz went over to our church's bible competition at 9:30. Liz is home as she's sick with what looks to be strep throat. Right now she's napping upstairs with Sean. I couldn't get her into the dr so found a 12 day supply of antibiotics in my med cabinet to start her on yesterday. Yeah I're NOT suppose to do THAT! But I can't let her stay sick until I find some free time and a I did it. Tom had an errand to do in the city so I'm truly sitting here alone right now!...when the sun is shining! Can't remember the last time that happened.

So what am I doing? Trying to ignore the HUGE list of things I should be doing while I sit here, nursing the rest of my cold coffee and scarfing down a fresh from the garden tomato sandwich. I've gotten the chickens watered and fed, and their coop cleaned out. Both the clothes and dish washer are going along with the clothes dryer. Should I start with the refrigerator, counters or bathrooms next? Hmmm...

Michelle is throwing herself a birthday party here with Drew, Pat, Val and a few friends...without little ones underfoot. It was all she wanted for her birthday...since she's never had a big birthday party. OOPS! So I've farmed everyone out except for Danielle and Sean, they'll stay here with Tom and I. Yep, we're staying put, that way we can make sure it stays at the level it was intended to be. I know Michelle is a responsible girl and doesn't want it to be anything but what's planned. But I've found word of mouth can do some crazy things and it's good to have backup. We'll probably hide out in our room with some snacks and a few movies.

Tomorrow looks to be a bit more relaxed, I think. Unless Tom has plans, I haven't talked to him about what's going on tomorrow. My plans so far are to go to the meeting in the morning. Pat and a few of the big kids want to take the little ones apple picking. So he's taking the van and picking up the kids from where they're spending the night and going. I've been invited but I was hoping that Tom and I (along with Sean) could spend the day here together. I was actually thinking of attempting something romantic like butchering roosters! ROFL! It HAS to be done, they're fighting each other constantly. What better time to do it then when you don't have a lot of little ones looking over your shoulder, getting into things or needing your help when you're a mess. But like I said, I haven't totally connected with Tom about tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.

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