Monday, October 13, 2008

Since I posted here last...

I decided to keep track of what I did today. I wanted to be able to look back and SEE that I didn't just sit on my fanny all day. (like some would have you believe) So here it is...

* Put Sean down for a nap (happy coinky dink)
* Finished first cup of coffee
* Planned weekly menu and posted it on my food blog (link also in the bar at the top of the page)
* FORCED Eileen and Olivia to stop cleaning their room and to GO OUTSIDE! (I'm such a mean mom!)
* Have kids watch Sean outside while I started bread
* Throw together the first batch of dough in my kitchen aid mixer
* Remember laundry needed to be changed
* Run down cellar to switch loads
* Realize I forgot basket and it's taking too long...need to shut off mixer
* Run back upstairs
* Met by Luke who announces Sean is stinky
* Throw in 2nd batch of dough
* Change Sean - wash hands
* Throw in batch of dough for garlic sticks
* Put ingredients away and wipe down counters
* Remember laundry is still waiting for me downstairs
* Dump basket of clean clothes out on kitchen table and go downstairs
* Empty dryer - throw in wet bedding (originally intended for the clothes line)
* Carry up unfolded baskets of lights - frustrated that I didn't just fold from the dyer like I normally do
* Shoo kids off the kitchen talbe - remind them it's not a stage
* Start folding clothes with Eileen, Olivia and Danielle
* Refold clothes thanks to Sean (I tell ya, it's a good thing he's so cute!)
* Girls take their clothes upstairs, taking Sean and Danielle with them
* Run down into basement to switch clothes
* Dryer not done - find a pile of damp clothes someone removed from the dryer on SUNDAY! GRRR!
* Empty washer into tote to wait for dryer
* Throw in quilts destined for the clothes line
* Run into bathroom - sort clothes on floor, pick up the floor while using the facilities
* Realize Michelle REALLY needs the bathroom I'm in (she had to go to work)
* Cut my visit short and move to the other bathroom
* Sort clothes and pick up what I can reach around me (much bigger room)
* Clean and sort the rest of the room with my mind (it doesn't work)
* Finish business and leave bathroom unfinished
* Pick up clothes in the hallway
* Sweep hall
* Get Sean out of toilet - wash hands- take him into living room
* Sweep up pile from hallway
* Remove Sean from toilet again - wash hands again
* Remember to close bathroom door
* Throw multiple small clothes pile into appropriate big piles
* Load kids into the van
* Drive Michelle to work
* Get frustrated that I can't multitask while cleaning
* Try the cleaning with my mind trick again...again it doesn't work
* Get home, drag sleeping kids out of van
* Shape bread and garlic sticks, let rise again
* Switch laundry
* Hang bedding on line
* Check on chickens and watch for a while
* Drag Sean out of chicken coop
* Pick some apples and tomatoes
* Drag Sean out of chicken coop
* Carry Sean and box of produce into house
* Throw bread sticks into oven
* Switch laundry, hang on the line
* Take out bread sticks, put in bread pans
* Sit with Sean and nurse intending to come write here
* Get reading and lose track of time
* Put Sean down for a nap
* Overcooked the bread!!!!!
* Came back here to write

Still need to do....

Make dinner - easier dish of Shrimp Alfredo with linguini
Switch laundry as many times as I can
Make sure bedding is dry for bedtime (probably need some dryer time)
Have girls take showers
Get Carrie to come home sometime tonight
Go over spelling words
Pick up Michelle at 8
Pick up Liz after getting Michelle
Hopefully talk to my husband for a few minutes
Drive Pat into Liverpool

I'm sure there is more I'll end up doing tonight. I can honestly say I've slooowed down a bit from this afternoon. As busy as I was you wouldn't know it. It's a mess in here! I want a running tab to be displayed all the time. Oh wait, that probably wouldn't be so great for the days I really do sit on my fanny all day...nevermind.

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holly said...

I am SO glad I found your blog again. I just wanna say......WOW!