Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm liking this

We decided...actually I decided to not go to the zoo today. Yes, it's the perfect day weatherwise but will sickies in the house it wouldn't be fun. The kids finally caught wind of my idea and were trying to convince me to go. Jake even offered to stay home with Luke offering to stay with him. But I'm not too keen on that.

Michelle came in from work with a bunch of pumpkins. She bought 2 bags of mini pumpkins. Each bag has 6 of them along with 2 paint sets. She also bought 5 boxes of already decorated small pumpkins. There are 2 pumpkins about the size of a cantelope in each box. They have silly face decals on them. So I guess we're painting the mini ones this afternoon and maybe carving the bigger ones this evening.

The kids all woke up ready to go. They cleaned up the floor and laid out tablecloths while I made pancakes. Then they had a pancake picnic on the livingroom floor. Now I personally wouldn't have chosen pancakes as a picnic food but they surpriseud me and did really well with them. Of course we had to keep Babyzilla/Sean out of the mix which he wasn't too pleased with.

Now the kids are getting cleaned up and dressed so we can leave. I'm hoping to go to the apple farm and get a bunch of apples. Then over to the school so the kids can play on the new playground. I'm trying to decide if I want to try to bring my magazine with me. Guess it wouldn't hurt to just bring it along.

Egg count is now up to 4 collected eggs. I know which EE'er is laying. Tom and I set up temporary nest boxes with a broken dresser on it's side and a rubbermaid tote ontop of that. I saw her fixing the bedding in the tote this morning with the White Plymouth Rock rooster next to her purring/cooing. Sure enough I just checked and there was a still warm green egg. :o) Her eggs are increasing in size nicely and has gone from teeny to small.

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