Monday, July 05, 2004

Ahhhhhhhhh Monday!

That feels odd to think, but that's what I thought of when I woke up. Of course it helps that Tom didn't have to go to work and there were no set plans for the day. I dozed on and off from early morning until the phone rang at 8:30!!! Was one of my bil's looking for Tom.

I ran a load of water into the's SO close! We then realized that our well needed to be filled today, so looks like we're not going to get to where I thought we would (water into the skimmer and the pump running). It's a gray and muggy day here so the kids are going in the pool anyways. I guess you could pretend it was a pond, it definitely has less seaweed in it then the lake did yesterday. LOL

Val called and asked if she could stay another night camping with the D family. I agreed. It's amazing how things change around here when someone's not around. I'm not saying that in a BAD way. Sometimes it's a good thing, other times it's bad. It just changes.

I thought I was sick of hotdogs but guess not. I went out of my way to make them for lunch. I also made a pot of salt potatoes...YUM!!!! WOW! I knew the price of the salt potatoes had gone up ($3 a bag....$1.50 on sale) but the price of them at that site is outrageous! (Although it does include shipping) I was tempted to cook up the second/last bag but figured it was best to save it for another occassion.

I emptied out the basement freezer finally. It was in need for being defrosted so badly that the door didn't close all the way on the top. So I guess we'll be having chili this week and tonight we splurged and ate the 3 huge packages of porkchops that were in there. I love it when Price Chopper has their $.99/lb porkchops....I need them to be on sale again. Nothing like letting 12 people pig out on porkchops and only spend $10 or so.

My sister, Tracy, called tonight. Wanted to know what the plans were for tomorrow. Seems when I said later in the week, Tuesday or Wednesday....all anyone at her house heard was Tuesday. So now I'm even MORE of a bad guy because I said no to Tuesday. I want to get the pool going right and go grocery shopping tomorrow. Oh well, it's not the first or last time that I'm an a funsucker! Minor problem though is that she signed her kids up for the parks summer rec program and they have field trips on Thursday...this week being the first one. So she wasn't sure whether they wanted to miss it or not (trip to the movie theater). She'll have to talk to the kids and call me back.

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