Friday, July 16, 2004

Happy Birthday Bean!!!

I have to hurry up and write something before I get called away again. I feel like I have a million things to say, yet no time to say it in. Now lets hope everything doesn't try to come out at once and make this a rambling disjointed entry.

First...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEANY!!!! Today is Eileen's birthday...although we had cake and ice cream on Monday for her...we'll be having it again today...poor us!

J and E stayed another night. At 3pm yesterday I'd have had them flown home if that is what it took. They've all gotten very familiar with each other and the "guest" mentality has worn off. I've noticed more fights and even some swats. By the time I talked to my sister, it was almost bedtime and I didn't want to have to pack them. Plus things seemed to have calmed down. I also wanted Eileen to be home for SOME of her birthday. So they stayed until this evening and my sister is picking them up after work, taking Eileen, Carrie and Liz with her. They'll stay until Sunday morning.

I realized last night that I had NO food essentials (milk, bread, eggs, etc) in the house. Luke was having a friend, R over for the first time and I didn't think starving him was the first impression I wanted to give him or his family. So I got up with Tom this morning around 6:15, took a shower and headed off to Walmart. I had to be home by 10 (when R was coming over).

My experience cooking meals yesterday caused me to breakdown and buy a double electric griddle. Mine had burnt out a long time ago and I really liked it (broilking brand). I was hoping I'd find another one around here but no go...the store that sold them closed down. So I opted for a GE one. What prompted me to breakdown? Trying to cook pancakes for breakfast (2 at a time) and grilled cheese for dinner (3 at a time) in a chicken fryer and burning my forearm in the SAME SPOT about 5 times. It won't happen anymore!

The older kids went to the County Fair with some friends. It was teen day and they were having a battle of the bands competition. Some of their friends were in bands that were competeing. The girls got their pictures taken and made the front page of the local section of this mornings paper. None of the girls were impressed with the picture. The photographer told them it was a kind picture and they looked amused. He lied...and they don't look amused to me! LOL See for yourself...

left to right....K, Val, Michelle, Ja

Pat came home from the fair with some news. First he had to snuggle with me and whine my name so I would know he loved me and had to tell me something. When I said...what do you want or what happened? He stuck his tongue out at me. It looked funny because it was PIERCED!!!! I think I surprised him by not freaking out or demanding he take the bar out. I'm not sure why they think so little of me sometimes. The kid is 18yo and can make his own decisions...even if I don't agree with them. I have asked him to practice speaking now bothers me....he doesn't think he talks funny. To tell you the truth, I'm just glad he did it there where it's indiscreet instead of his eyebrow like he's been talking about for years.

It was rainy and chilly but the kids still went swimming on and off all day/evening. I finally made the older girls come in at 9:30 because it was raining, getting chillier and dark. I finally got a chlorine reading....was a 2 or 3...perfect! I took some tablets out of the skimmer and had to put one back today as the reading was a .5. Today's weather was rainy in the morning but cleared up nicely by 11am and actually became hot and humid.

R's visit went very well and seemed short. His mom only let him stay for about 7 hrs. His mom and I stood outside chatting for 1.5 of those hours!!! I told her if I'd known we were going to talk that long I would have invited her in for coffee. LOL We got to chat again when she picked him up....had to wait for him to change out of his suit and gather his things.

Ja and K came back over! LOL They may as well move in! ;o) Pat, Michelle and Val drove into the village to grab 2 copies of the morning paper so we could have their picture. While they were out they stopped at Ja and K's house to show it to their family. They then got pulled to our house for fun time. They've been swimming, gone to the village to play basketball and are now hanging out in the girls' bedroom. They're really no problem.

For the kids' birthdays we let them pick out dinner. Eileen picked pizza. It's something we usually eat a lot of but without a working oven right now we don't have it much. So Tom is picking up 4 Little Ceasars. We normally need more than that but we also have cake, ice cream and salad. If anyone is hungry after that they can use leftovers from lunch and make another sub. (which was VERY yummy btw!!!!) I bought 3 clearance cakes from Wal-Mart....a chocolate peanutbutter cake, a carrot cake and double fudge one. To go with it we have a gallon of orange sherbet and vanilla swirl. I'm planning on sending one to my sister's with Eileen. She picked the double fudge to go.

Well Tom's home with pizza...I have to pack 3 girls and make sure J and E have all their stuff.

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