Thursday, July 22, 2004

A day in the sun.....

My sil with 14 kids, D, and I had made plans to go to the beach today. That quickly changed the night before when sil remembered 2 of her kids had dentist appts. Oh well, it eased up my todo list that night....that's for sure. I figured we have the pool what's the sense of going to the lake. So I just enjoyed sitting and chatting that night instead of working.

In the morning I was surprised when all the kids started whining to go to the beach! I didn't understand it but if that's what they want....well, maybe we won't. Yeah we might as well...welllll, nawwww it's getting late. Oh come on! We can stay there all evening until the park closes! I finally decided we'd go at 2:30...we were out the door 45mins later. Problem is, I ended up taking the whole neighborhood with me! Of course K and Ja had to go! Michelle and Val can't function unless they're with them (Ja had spent the night so was already there). Then it came out that it was C's day off of work and Michelle wanted to spend some time with he came along too. Val would have asked JH to come along if he hadn't had a soccer game at 6pm tonight.

It was a perfect day for the beach! Sunny and humid at home....breezey with lots of shade at the beach. I had all the kids eat a sandwich or two before we left, then brought chips and grapes for snacks. For drinks we brought our 5 gal igloo water jug, bought a bag of ice on teh way to the beach and filled the jug from the faucet at the state park. YUM!! I also brought along powdered iced tea with sugar and lemon mix for those that wanted some flavoring in the water. I prefer mine just plain.

As soon as we pulled into the park with our blue spray painted bus we were the sideshow...people staring, jaws hanging, fingers pointing, whispers murmurred. That is until...D surprised us and showed up with 11 of her 14 kids! LOL Then we just turned into a giant funloving mess. LOL Drew, Michelle and C left early which was ok because Drew was a grouch anyways. Val, K and Ja tried not to be seen with us too much and just kept walking around the park and up and down the pier. The rest of us went between digging in the sand, swimming/wading in the lake, playing on the playground or sitting at a picnic table stuffing our faces! We stayed in the water until they closed the beach, then we hung around the picnic area until it was getting hard to see to get our stuff together. We actually ran into DS and his 6 kids out for an evening at the park. SS showed up about half an hour later. So we all stood at the lake's edge talking (I waded) while the kids took their final dip in the water.

All this made me want to go CAMPING!!!! Tom has next week off and if we do decide to go camping on Sunday then we have a LOT of work to do between then and now. I'm not even sure what we'll camp in. We could register the popup either tomorrow or Friday and go to a state park. Or we could rough it a bit and go buy a new 2 or 3 room tent. Wal-Mart has them for about $70. Even if we bring the popup we still need to have tents for people to sleep in. I have to FIX the popup has a rip in one of the bed roofs that needs to be repaired and sealed. I'm not even sure how clean the thing is.

Anyways...back to our day....everyone left the park nicely without any temper tantrums (that I noticed lol) So looks like we can do this another day afterall. :o) As I was driving home I saw something swoop down and back up again, but it didn't make it all the way up over the bus. We nailed a bat out hunting for his lunch. :o( I have NO idea how we did it, bats are usually pretty good at avoiding objects....especially LARGE ones! The girls were ewwing and oh grossing in the back seat as they heard the bat take his tumble down the roof of the bus.

Before we pulled into the driveway Val asked if K and Ja could spend the night. Softie that I am, said yes. They're giggling away in Michelle's and Val's room as I type. It's a good thing they're nice girls and I like them...they live here enough!!! Actually my girls were asking if K and Ja could go camping with us! Not so sure I'm up to that or if it would be fair to anyone else who'd want to bring a friend (which I'm sure they all would!)

After we pulled in everyone scrambled out of the van with bags of wet towels and trash in hand (it's a carry in...carry out park!). Liz jumped in the shower, Val, K and Ja ran out the backdoor and jumped in the pool with Drew, A, Michelle and C. The rest of us fixed deli sandwiches for dinner. Looks like my idea for grilled ham and cheese for dinner one night this week just changed to plain old grilled cheese. The ham has been devoured in no time flat! LOL

After watching From Justin to Kelly for the zillionth time, all the little ones zonked out all over the place. Some actually made it into their rooms and their beds! Val just walked by on her way to the pool to take a dip. I'm sure some at least K and Ja will be following behind her shortly. Me, I can hardly see I'm so tired. So guess I'll have to decline Val's invitation to join her in the pool for a quick dip. I'm off to bed!

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