Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Rolling right along

I can finally say....the pool is clear!!!!!!!! The kids are amazed...especially Drew. It still doesn't show any chlorine in the water but at least it's clear now. The kids used it most of the day and got a little too much color (luckily no one is in any pain from it). It really bothers me when that happens though...especially concerning Carrie. Her skin cancer risks are so much higher now after having total body irradiation for her bone marrow transplant. I went in for a few mintues too. Swam three laps...testing it out for future use. lol I was laughing at myself...even while I'm in the pool trying to enjoy it I'm working on it. I went around the pool and tightened up the beadlock (it holds the liner in the groove). The kids were following me around watching intently, like I was putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece.

We still have my nieces J and E here, along with K and Ja...Michelle and Val's friends. They all should be going home tomorrow but M...a niece from Tom's side of the family is suppose to spend the night tomorrow. Luke is trying to get ahold of his friend R to see if he can come over on Thurs. LOL

Tom did end up staying home all day. He concentrated on his patio in the back (between his 2 sheds) and mowing the really needed it! I concentrated most of my workday in the kitchen, either preparing, cooking or cleaning...though you can barely tell. At least it's a start. I didn't fix the dishwasher yet so washed dishes by hand. While washing them a few thoughts occurred to me....

1) This is a definitely a job the kids should be doing.
2) I have to stop being a wimp and get the kids doing actual jobs (instead of just helping here or there)
3) We have WAY too many cups!!!! Last I counted we had over 40 of a certain type of cup in a rainbow of colors.
4) Paper and plastic dishes/utensils are GOOD! :o)

The older kids all went to the mall for the afternoon. It was quiet here. Those teenage girls can be LOUD and obnoxious!!! Please tell me I wasn't like that when I was their age. OK...I know I was.

I made a really yummy pork tenderloin roast on the grill. Even if my sister called just as I was ready to take it off and left me unable to get to the grill...overcooking it a tad (but it was still moist!). I sliced a huge 8.5lb roast into 3 sections. On the first I mixed oil, lemon pepper seasoning, zest and juice of 1.5 lemons (I ate the other half lol). On the second I mixed oil, garlic powder (nothing else around), minced dried onions, salt and pepper, zest and juice of 2 limes. Both of those went into the freezer. Today's roast I mixed with Bauhman's BBQ sauce (blue label...the best! tastes just like Arby's sauce), brown sugar, garlic powder and soy sauce. This marinated in the fridge for the day. On high heat I seared the outside of the roast on all sides (brushing with sauce before each turn). Then I turned the heat to low and moved the roast to one of the cooler spots of my grill. I closed the lid and cooked it for 10-15mins, brushed and turned....a total of 4 times. Actually the last time was SUPPOSE To be for 10-15mins. Was more like 30mins. So that side was well done on the outside but that's ok...I like charcoaled stuff. (I's NOT good for me) We had salt potatoes and summer veggies marinated in italian dressing (green peppers, cukes, tomatoes...all store bought...can't wait until the garden starts producing!)

After dinner the kids went out in the pool again then we all sat in the livingroom watching the American Idol...first season...that I bought at the $1 store. WE had a bowl of ice cream as a snack. E started to get all weepy. When I asked her what was wrong she explained....J (her sister) has been playing with Liz all day and I haven't been able to get any hugs or kisses. She needed to snuggle! So we snuggled and then J snuggled with her too. I eventually went upstairs and laid down with her until she was out didn't take long.

I chatted for the rest of the evening in the TOK Chat. It was nice to catch up with a few long lost friends (you know who you are!). Well off to check the pool filter one last time tonight then on into bed I'll jump. Maybe tomorrow will be a little more exciting then today...but to tell you the truth...I hope not. There's something to be said for uneventful summer days.

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