Saturday, July 17, 2004

Death by ice pop...

I didn't realize they were capable of such malevolence but those little plastic tubes of frozen sugar water killed my keyboard last night!!! Apparantly someone opened one for me and put it on the side of the monitor so I could enjoy it later. While I slept it slowly dripped into my keyboard and fried the thing! The kids had played with the keyboard from my old computer so I had to go out and buy a new one. Against Drew's better judgement I opted for a cheapie ($10) instead of the wireless setup he advised me to get. I think I would have enjoyed the next step up...logitech for $15. But I put it back.

We only had 7 kids here this morning and it was SO different. I had to argue with Luke about what station of cartoons we would watch...just so I could feel like I was still at home. At least he got the joke, it's no fun when my kids just look at me like I'm an idiot when I'm trying to be funny. We all went swimming in the late morning. The pool is BEAUTIFUL still! It's so nice to climb up on the deck and see the sun sparkle off the bottom of the pool. Olivia swam without any floatation devices (aqua ring or arm floaties). This means we're really going to have to keep an eye on her now. Before she wouldn't have thought of going near the water without floatational help. She scared the daylights out of Drew. She jumped in the pool while Drew has his back to her. He hadn't heard her because he had earplugs in. He didn't realize she'd done it until she grabbed his arm to gain leverage and help keep her head out of water.

Pat, Michelle, and Val went to Pat's girlfriend's birthday party at 2. That left...Drew, Luke, Jake and Olivia home. We decided it would be fun to go out shopping together. We ran to a few dollar stores and spent way too much money. I got everyone nice goggles, a vinyl/netted shower organizer to keep them in, fun noodles and net slings to turn the noodles into floating pool chairs. We then headed to microplay to buy some Sega games. Yep, you read that right....old school Sega Genesis games. Drew brought home my parent's old console (although we have one or two of them around here too...just no RF switches). We have a bunch of games around here too, or use to. I'm not sure where they are or if I just ditched them after moving them for the hundredth time while cleaning. I'm afraid it's the latter, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. :o( We bought Sega 6 pack (6 games in one), Sonic 2, Jurassic Park, and College Slam (basketball)....we own or have owned all of those previously. I wondered if we should spend the money on them even if they were really cheap. Luke suggested we buy them, then if we find our originals we could sell them back to microplay. He sold me! I inquired on a RF switch for our Atari 2600 too, but decided adding one console at a time was good enough for now.

I bought Jake his birthday present (Aug. 7th). He was seeing all the game consoles and started crying he wanted a gameboy like Luke's. I convinced him to buy a Game Boy Color for $16. I then let him pick out a game. He picked Yu-Gi-Oh although I found out later he wanted another Pokemon instead. It was $13 and he's not too tickled with it...what a waste of money. At least we have other games around here he can play. I guess I'll have to start watching ebay for christmas presents.

We ran around the outside aisle of the grocery store and then went to Wal-Mart. I had to get pool supplies and my keyboard. They were sold out of the huge container of chlorine...and only sold the aforementioned wireless keyboard. I decided we needed to backtrack to Staples and get a regular plain old plug in keyboard. As I was checking out, Jake asked me to buy him a Yu-Gi-Oh Starter pack!!! UGH! Kid has no sense of when enough is enough.

On the way home we stopped at the chinese take out place and bought 2 trays of seasame chicken and some eggrolls. By the time we got home everyone was starving! It's hard to eat though when the pool's calling (Olivia) and the Genesis is sitting there screaming...PLAY ME!!! (the 3 boys). Can't forget my new keyboard was raring to go too. I didn't learn my lesson and sat at the computer with my plate, trying it out.

It's nice to be connected again. I can't believe how many times today I thought....I'll look that up. Not just having fun...surfing stuff or even my message board stuff. But good old need to know knowledge stuff. It was frustrating to say the least! Amazing to think it's only been in the house for 6yrs.

Since I started this the other kids have come in the door. They are oohing and ahhhing over all the new purchases. Pat and Drew are playing a game of Golden Axe (on the 6pack game). Everyone keeps saying..I remember this! I remember that music! Oh yeah! I remember now... LOL Wonder what it'll be for their kids when they are 18 and 20 and looking back?

Oh yeah, AF visited me today, so no oops this month. I was just saying in chat I needed to chart because I keep forgetting exactly when she's last been here. So I guess if I make a little note in here I can backtrack and find it. I thought I had another week. Guess not. I should have had at least until Monday before she paid a visit though.

Well Drew is teasing me with the Columns game (on the Sega 6pk). Guess I'll have to stop writing and show him how it's REALLY played! Just hope I get SOME sleep tonight. ;O)

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Christi said...

I'll get my handy dandy notebook out and just write when AF came to visit, lol.
You could also CHART!!! Hmmm, think you will CHART anytime soon. CHARTING is great and I get to obsess over it. Think of what your doing to me by not CHARTING!!! Good grief woman, get a chart, lol (WINK)
With Love and big fat charting vibes,