Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It's raining, It's pouring....

and I feel like snoring!!!

I've surmised you CAN make it rain if you try hard enough. Ways to succeed....

a) Water the garden VERY well (as mentioned earlier)
b) Be ready for tons of kids to use the pool all the next day with all their towels and suits conveniently hanging on the line overnight.
c) Don't bother to check a weather forecast so you can convince yourself that YOU had a hand in the rain making it's appearance.

K and Ja's mom came and picked them up early this morning. But have no fear....C and Ja #2 took their place for the day. Oh yeah...and Ja #1 returned! LOL I found out this afternoon that Carrie misunderstood her cousin and she won't be coming to stay tonight. So if I get J and E home tonight, it will be just the 10 kids here. (J and E are balking at going home. It's 5:30 and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with them. LOL)

I took advantage of everyone being in the house and put them to work!!!! We swept out from under the couches and chair in the livingroom. Cleaned both the bathrooms well (haven't had both of them cleaned on the same day in a looong time!) and worked in the kitchen. We won't talk about the potato mess I found on the microwave stand...why do rotten potatoes smell so GROSS!!!! It's looking nice around here and I can see this place getting in great shape soon!! Even thought about working in the library again then I could start sewing. But it hasn't happened yet. The laundry is piling up. I'm trying to get the well filled a bit more before I start doing some major washing again.

I'm such a mean mommy/aunt. After lunch it looked like it was clearing up. I said everyone could go swimming. They all ran and put their suit on and ran out the door...with me following. As soon as I got out the door I noticed the sky was getting darker and there was thunder rumbling on all sides of us. OOPS!!! They all had to go back in the house without swimming. Tom called shortly after...he's working overtime (he's also on call this week). Heavy rain makes for slow moving sewers that need help.

I did make it onto the deck though and discovered....the pool water is CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!! YEP...It's sparkling!!! There's no chlorine registering yet and it needs to be vacuumed again (was killing me not to be able to do it right then). I threw in a few more chlorine tablets....I WILL get some chlorine in that thing!

I talked to my SIL D, who's been my bestfriend since 6th grade (it's how I met Tom). We hadn't talked in about a week which is a long time for us...we normally talk almost everyday. She's talking about taking most of her 14 kids (ages 19yrs-2mos) to the county fair tomorrow and suggested we come along too. I guess we'll see what the weather holds....I think it's suppose to rain again. :o(

I'm on the phone with my sister now. She's trying to find out what we're going to do with her girls. Neither of them want to go home! It surprises me that E wants to stay...she's had a little bit of difficulty at bedtime. She even talked to her mom and still says she wants to stay. LOL I guess they're staying (I'm too nice!) It's more work to pack them up and drive them home then to feed them dinner and put them to bed (she says now)

The sun is peeking out and everyone is bugging me to go swimming. So off to vacuum it and watch them freeze their rearends off.

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ma said...

Rotten potatoes are nasty aren't they? The first time I smelled one was when Kristy crawled into the cupboard and took a bite of one. Yuck.

Glad the pool is looking good. I didn't check ours so I can hope right ;-)