Thursday, July 29, 2004


It looks like the rain is about to let up. Yesterday it rained 4 inches in the city closest to us (10miles south). I think it rained a tadbit less here...but not much! The pool is now the fullest it's ever been and it's also chilly!!! It's amazing how much the rain cooled the pool's gone from 79 degrees to 70 degrees overnight. Brrrrrrrrr! I think the bay of Lake Ontario is warmer then that! I know it felt it last week. LOL I'm still having a difficult time getting the chlorine level up to 1 and keeping it there. There's a tiny bit in there and it's clear so I'm not going to fret over it too much. Just keep feeding it chlorine tabs.

We got our electric bill this month and cha-ching! $$$ I was surprised. I totally forgot the pool would add a cost onto the electric bill. The summer months are always the most expensive for us anyways. What with all the fans and dehumidifier running constantly. Guess you could add in the kids electronics too. Being home from school, they play their radios and such more. At least this year I'm not going to have to worry about it....nice to finally have a little breathing room in our budget.

The rain this week has put a damper on Tom's vacation. It's probably a good thing because he's had time to baby his shoulder. The shoulder doesn't hurt so much anymore so I haven't heard about it that much. I've noticed his mobility is still not so hot though. Tomorrow we're hoping to add some fun into Tom's vacation....we're going to SOUTHWICK BEACH! It's Tom's favorite spot in the world...especially at sunset. They have some of the most beautiful sunsets over Lake Ontario there. I'm hoping to remember my camera and take some pics while up there. Maybe even get a GOOD family pic too (I'm always optimistic). Hmmm...just realized it might be hard to get a family picture if Drew isn't there LOL I haven't talked to him a couple days and didn't ask him yet if he wants to go. Hopefully I can get in touch with him in the moring.

Drew and Pat got their college bills with the estimate of what they'll be getting for financial aid and grants. PHEW! One less thing to worry about. Here I thought once the kids graduated high school and turned 18, mothering would let up and be easier....WRONG!!! Guess it's a job I'll be doing my whole life....even when they're 60. Lucky them. LOL I found a nice picture of Pat on my camera while looking for something else. Thought I'd share it.

It looks like they'll have just enough for tuition and books. So for gas and such the part time jobs better hurry up and get here QUICK!! Drew's taking 17 credit hours...Pat is taking 16. I hope they decide to work hard and do well. I know Drew probably will as he knows from experience that working in a factory on the line is NOT how he wants to live his life everyday. Pat hasn't really been conditioning for the soccer team. I hope he makes it, he seems so sure he will. I'm excited to go watch a new level of games. When he played with the adult league the games were always more exciting and intense then the high school one. Guess I can attend all the games this year too, seeing as the other kids won't have any afterschool activities and sports to cause conflicts in his schedule. (district's on a contingency budget)

The kids also got their letters from their teachers along with the supply list. They were all so excited. All I can say is...UGH!!! I am NOT looking forward to going sneaker shopping! Hopefully I can break it up this year instead of doing everyone in one day. THAT was NOT a fun day!

I know they still have over a month until school (go back Sept 8th) but it seems to be flying by and I do NOT want to see it end!!! Although I do admit the really late summer night hours have been known to get to me on a regular basis. I can live with it as long as I don't have to follow a schedule the next day! LOL I have NO idea how I'm going to get them from still being awake at 1am to being asleep by 9:30 for school. Guess we'll start thinking about that in a few weeks.

I took a tour of the gardens for the first time in a few days. I saw some slightly orange roma tomatoes! wooohooo! I'll be able to make some salsa soon but I'd really love for the sandwich tomatoes to ripen! THEY are taking forever. I picked our first zucchini today...about 6inches long. We're a little behind with that crop because the first bunch of seeds Tom planted didn't grow. So a few weeks later he reseeded the rows. We've also gotten 2 small green peppers. The pepper crop looks to be about the best we've ever gotten out of this properties gardens. :o) I'm cheering on the cucumber plants myself. I could eat those all day long! They're only flowers right now. HURRY UP!!!

My flowers in the frontyard are starting to look really nice. I went out to take some pictures but the batteries died. By the time they were recharged it was night. So hopefully tomorrow or Friday I'll have some to show off. The wildflower garden in the back is all weeds, although there's a wildflower here or there (mostly morning glories, a cosmo, and a few black eyed susans). I've decided that I will be planting that plot with prearranged flowers and herbs more of thoes stupid wildflower packets! I'm sick of growing weeds there...we have weeds surrounding our whole property! I do NOT need more weeds to look at! I took one picture of my strawflowers before the camera died. So I'll leave you with that...

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