Thursday, July 08, 2004

I've become obsessed!

WITH THE POOL!!! I've worked and worked on it today. Took up almost the whole day. When I wasn't working on the pool I was weeding the garden. The inside of the house isn't really lacking but it's not getting better either. I'm sure Tom wishes I'd become obsessed with getting the kitchen to look sparkly clean.

I took the filter apart and cleaned all the fingers. Seems the person we got it from left it filled with gunk all winter long. It took a loooong time! I have to give me dad credit here. Everything I learned about the filter and pool upkeep I learned from working and watching THANK YOU DAD!!! While I had the filter off I decided to call Pat down and have him help me fix the leaky discharge pipe. We removed it and I made a few new gaskets out of a sheet of rubber. It's FIXED!!! We are now filling it and it's JUST at the lip of the filter. We need to put some water into our well so not sure if we'll get the pool filled tomorrow or not. But it WILL get filled!!!!

Our problem now is that the water is still cloudy. I'm fighting and fighting it! It's either a problem with the water itself (sulfur) or it's algae. I'm hoping vacuuming it today will have helped. Today the chlorine got eaten up in NO time (a few hours after daylight hit) so I SUPERchlorinated it again tonight.

It's NICE to have groceries in the house. The problem with lunch was trying to decide what to eat I settled for a ham sandwich made by Jake while I was working. I don't think I even tasted it. LOL I was foolish with dinner though and micro'ed chicken nuggets instead of eating the fresh meat waiting to be cooked. Guess we'll have ribs tomorrow...the porkloin roast is dated for the 16th, so should be ok to wait another day. (actually I have to divide that into 2 or 3 meals before I cook up some of it.) While I opted for the easy main dish, for the side I went with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers and celery....all store bought though. I know in another month or so I won't even want to look at a zucchini or yellow squash (garden is behind with growing that crop...first planting didn't sprout) but for now...YUM!!!

The kids begged me to cook them some onions. We don't normally have onions in the house because they literally make Tom sick (upset stomach and cramps). Lately though I've been buying a few (I love them!) and using them in MY dishes. I've also been micro'ing them with some margarine until they JUST start to brown around the edges and then just eating them. Last week a few of the kids got a taste of it and wanted MORE! So I bought a small bag of Vidalias this week. We micro'ed 5 of them and every crumb got eaten.

I mentioned that it was getting late and the younger kids all decided to get a book and go to bed early like I threatened last night. It made for a nice night, although they did end up coming back into the livingroom while we were watching Hot Chick. They're now back in bed but I can hear someone crying a protest about it's not a night totally without problems. Guess I better go see what the problem is.

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Chris said...

I'd definitely come over and clean your entire house if you would just shop and cook for me. LOL

We are *finally* setting up the pool this weekend. I really hope it doesn't become so much work.