Monday, July 05, 2004

MORE family time....Sunday

Another day, another cookout. Today we were invited to my uncle's house on the lake. I'd planned on leaving by 2 but as usual it didn't pan out. We're SO close to getting the pump running on the filter, I was trying to work around the water not being up at the filter yet. It was a no go...but I'll try again on Monday! LOL Also I had to do laundry so I could have clean clothes to didn't finish until 2:30. So we left the house at 3:15. It's about an hour or so ride to his house. I was worried that my sister was not happy that I was so far behind schedule. She parked her van behind us as we were getting out of the bus! LOL PHEW!

I told you about Tom's family....guess I should mention mine. It's a LOT shorter!

I'm the oldest...10 kids (6 girls, 4 boys 20-4yo)
My sister........3 girls (13-5yo)
My brother.......2 kids (1 girl...4yo, 1 boy...2yo)

My brother didn't show up but that's ok there was plenty of other kids there for my kids to play with. My dad is one of 13 kids and we have about 50 cousins....some of them came with their kids. It was fun to watch the cousin's oldest daughter with her kids. It's one of the few people I've felt I had to tip my hat to. She has 5 kids with the last 4 being 2 sets of twins. When the last set of twins were born she had a 3yo boy, 2 18mo boys, and 2 newborns...girl/boy. (all naturally conceived btw) Now the oldest is 4.

I got a LOT of comments on how weird it was to see me without a baby in my arms. How they couldn't believe I didn't have a baby YET! I must feel lost without one. Am I pregnant yet? Am I going to be soon (answer....yes, in a few hours....why? wanna watch? ;o))

There was tons of food as usual and my aunt brought lots of fun things for the kids....punch balls, glow stick necklaces and fiber optic flashlights. It was so cool! All around the lake were HUGE bonfires and fireworks going off (you wouldn't know they were illegal in NY state LOL). Somehow some went off in my uncle's yard too. ;o) We left a little after 11pm, after the last firework was magically lit.

I got the mean mommy award as we were leaving. As it usually happens my neices wanted some of my kids to spend the night at their house. I told them no and the tears started flowing. Awwwww! Too bad so was LATE, tomorrow was the last day of a long and busy holiday weekend...I didn't feel like having to do anything that day, adn they didn't have any clothes (although that really wasn't a problem). As usual I decided to open my mouth and soothe some hurt feelings. So they 3 girls will be coming to my house later in the week. Guess I need to finish cleaning up, especially the kitchen and get my rearend to the store to get some food!

The ride home was uneventful and most of the kids were sleeping when we got home at 12:30 so bedtime wasn't a problem. We kicked the older kids to bed, went outside for a while, had an icecream cone and then it decided to sprinkle. We decided it was a good time to come in and go to bed ourselves.

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